An Exclusive Interview With Aspiring Hip Hop Record Producer 303 OG

303 OG is an apsiring hip hop record producer from Dublin, Ireland.He has numerous releases on label Geometry Of Dimensions along with production work onRebel Phoenix’s label Rebel Mafia.His latest release, Concealed Truth (Beat Tape) is gaining a lot of online attention due to various blogs and online platforms sharing and embedding his content. We were in coversation with 303 OG and here’s what he had to say

First things first, could you introduce yourself to our readers

I’m 303 OG, a record producer based in Dublin, Ireland

Q: For our readers who have never heard your music, in three words, how would you describe your sound?

Ans: Wavey, vivid and picturesque.

Q: When you’re tasked with producing a record for an artist, do you find it to be exciting or stressful?

Ans: Exciting, one hundred percent. I only produce for artists whose music I like so it’s always approached in the best possible way. I would say I tend to have a fundamental understanding of what it is they’re trying to convey through their music. My productions always seem to flow seamlessly with the vocals in terms of drops, variations in drum sequences etc. It’s as if I pick up on the artists flow in a different,perhaps nonconventional way to others which thus results in the harmony that’s created in records I produce. In terms of the emotion or feel of the track, it would either be something I started and further tailor to a specific artist, or it would be based off the artists lyrical content and intended mood of the track.

Q: Do you think there is a difference between working with an artist in a studio and working with an artist online?
Ans: Absolutely. I feel that the work flow and effeciency are increased ten fold when working with the aritst in the studio. I believe the chemistry between the producer and artist adds a lot to the resulting piece of music.

Q: You recently released your debut beat tape titled Concealed Truth, do you believe truth should ever be concealed?

Ans: [Laughs]… I would say for greater or for worse, even if the truth would cause more damage than good, it should never be concealed. That’s just how I feel about it.

Q: What is your favorite track off the tape?

Ans: It varies depending on whatever mood I find myself in, a definite stand out track for me would be track eight titled In The Blink Of An Eye.

Q: Do you intend on releasing physical copies such as CD’s, tapes or records?

Ans: You know, to do a full run of phsycial copies in those mediums would be a dream come true. I have considered it but nothing is set in stone as of yet. I like the idea of having my music on a tangible medium. To think that in one hundred years time it could end up spread across the world, then you have when people pass away and members of family would look through their CD’s, tapes, records etc. to discover my beat tape, or it being in a dusty old record shop completely forgotten about. It leaves more of a legacy I suppose is what I’m trying to say. There is definitely something more real about physical copies.

Q: If you could work with one artist right now, who would it be?

Ans: I aspire to work with a lot of artists, if I had to limit myself to just one it would have to be Gucci Mane.

Q: What is your favorite hip hop lyric?

Ans: That’s an easy question [laughs]… The opening bar to Rebel Phoenix’s track titled Fields is easily my favorite hip hop lyric of all time, “As a young blood I quickly got sick of the bus, need slick whips to push with a hint of the kush.” It doesn’t get any slicker than that, ridiculously good.

Q: How would you describe the hip hop scene in Ireland?

Ans: It’s there. I mean, I could and probably should be more active within the hip hop scene over here but the truth is I’m not really involved at all. At present I find myself leaning towards working with US based artists. There are serious artist coming out of the U.S. both mainstream and underground so I think I would definitely flourish over there. My productions
are definitely on their level so I’m constantly working towards making it happen.

Q: Are you actively working on a new project?

Ans: I always have new material in the chamber. A remix I produced for Rebel Phoenix should be coming out really soon along with visuals so that’s the next immediate thing to drop. I’m definitely anticipating what the reaction we get will be like.

303 OG has recently released his debut beat tape titled Concealed Truth which is now available to stream and purchase on all good digital platforms such as Spotify, iTunes, Beatport, Juno download, eMusic, Google Play, Deezer and many more.

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