An Interview with the Creative Art Director & Brand Strategist behind Whimsical Logoshop (Najla Mansour)

Unlike most graphic designer Najla started her journey in graphic design while she was studying architecture to support her studies expenses! After graduating from architecture school, Najla obtained her Master or Arts degree from Newcastle University in the UK and today she is the design director of

how would you describe your approach to design?

  • I try to approach my client very honestly and I send them a detailed question that can give me an idea of who their audience are, and what they are trying to achieve. if you’re branding your business, it is important to know who your audience and what is their perspective to the products you want to sell (e.g. useful, ergonomic, culturally rich, beautiful, etc.). If you are a fashion blogger, then your logo must be reflecting what type of fashion you are into (luxury, boho, cute …etc) it is all about knowing your audience.

who or what has been the biggest single influence on your way and style of designing?

  • I am a big fan of Megan Hess, and I find myself attracted to her illustration style very often as my clients also request this style in their branding so I tend to illustrate it. I admit she has been great influence to my style of designing and my logo style when it comes to designing branding for fashion boutiques and beauty products. However, I am also very passionate about creating minimal designs that reflects the luxury and high end feel of the brands.



what type of projects do you enjoy working on the most?

  • I must admit I enjoy working on all projects related to branding for photographers or fashion boutiques, bakery stores and bloggers/writers…. I just love this creative domains and love to work with such creative people and I may got the chance to do so many feminine designs but I also enjoy designing serious gender neutral logos for these domains.


what do you offer currently on your etsy store?

  • Currently I re-opened whimsical logoshop and added so many readymade logos which are so affordable for everyone. All logos there are my %100 original work and anyone can get them at affordable prices. I offer fully customized ready made logos/ cards/ branding kits and also Custom-made ones for those who want to take the extra mile in their business and get the exclusive design they always wanted to have.

In addition to readymade logos I also provide bloggers with ready mock-up-images and photographers can also find ready AD flyers that are so simple to customize and give them high standard professional look.



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