Summer Fashion Radar: 5 Hottest Trends to Shop Right Away!

Summer has descended upon us in all its glory, sunshine, humidity and sweat, and it’s time to fill up your wardrobe with the most functional and glamorous trends of the season.

Here, feast your our eyes on hottest 5 picks for the season:


Ladies, summer is the official season to flaunt your curves with pride, and playsuits are the top-gun in your arsenal that will help you beat the heat and humidity. Playsuits are literally saviors of glamour when the heat is pouring down the skies, and you want to rock a statement that is breezy and chic.

This artfully sequined playsuit is a perfect pick for summertime formals, engagement parties and even black tie.

Off the Shoulder

A raging trend that doesn’t seem to dim down after reigning the runways for more than three years. Off-the-shoulder tops are as hot as ever, and you simply cannot imagine a dramatic and humidity-proof summer wardrobe without scooping at least a dozen of these delights.

This off-the-shoulder blouse will allow you to channel your romantic femininity at work, streetwear and even casual-hot dates.


The arrival of summer marks the revival of bralettes into your wardrobe, and if you don’t own one, what are you even spending on girl? Bralettes are the ultimate staple to rock a badass vibe that is bold, sexy and magnetically sensual.

From, summertime bohemian music festivals, to casual streetwear, beachside raves and a lot more. Bralettes are incredibly versatile and you can flaunt them with over a dozen different clothing items to create tons of sassy outfits. Seriously, what’s not to love about these darlings!

Delicate Ruffles

This summer, ruffles have undergone a delicately sensual and flirtatiously playful revamping, and this gorgeous peach-coral dress will wrap your curves with a sexy assortment of cascading ruffles. The wrap-up style belted waistline is perfect to accentuate your curves and slim down your figure, while the ruffles add a romantic charm that will make you stand out in the crowd.

Pair it up with chunky hoof earrings and ankle-strap heels, it is hands down the perfect dress for summertime luncheons, romantic dates and night-outs with the girls.

Wide-Leg Pants

Comfortable, versatile and super functional, wide leg pants are a summertime must-have to make sure your workwear wardrobe doesn’t involve repeating outfits twice a week, in a row. The versatile Breton stripes make this pair all the more versatile and chic.

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