Aielowu Jeannie: The future of women’s jeans

The comfort of women’s jeans faring sub-par to leggings in indoor or outdoor activities is what made many women switch from jeans to other types of leg wear. Major brands, very recently, introduced trends such as “distressed jeans” or “legging jeans” to woo back the women into buying jeans show this very drift. Nonetheless the brands are yet to provide women with the golden combination of comfort and style. Historically all women’s leg-wears evolved from men’s fashion, ignoring the woman-specific personal hygiene and other needs.

Luckily for women, there is still one company that aims at providing the perfected jeans experience to women, ‘Aielowu Jeannie’, i.e. I love you Jeannie. By improving women’s jeans from an uncomfortable, distressing affair to one that becomes less of a hassle and that can cater to women’s hygiene and comfort at a level even the most reputed brands can’t match, ‘AJ’ hopes to reform the way modern jeans are made.

Their primary goal has always been to make the prospect of wearing jeans a much easier task for women. Also, AJ believes in incorporating certain hygienic features into their jeans that give women the ability to be in full control all day long. Their jeans make it easier for women to attend to their hygiene needs like changing a tampon or a menstrual cup in limited privacy. Their patented design featuring a front opening that is similar to a flap with a pair of zippers makes tending to certain hygiene activities easier and less stress-inducing when compared to other jeans and leg-wears.

Realizing the importance of style along with comfort, efficiency and quality, AJ is teaming up with a number of fashion enthusiasts and influencers to create a massive launch of their brand. No wonder many have already begun calling their jeans the World’s Best Women’s Jeans.

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