Fast Rising Artist “Icielani” Releases Video For Her Hot R&B ballad “Ever More”

If you are a fan of this very talented hot RnB singer or you happen to love this song that talks at length about love, then sit back and watch Icielani thrill you in the visuals.

Fast rising singer Icielani as an independent artist, is proud to bring to the notice of her fans around the world, music lovers, and the general public the release of the visuals for “Evermore”, a song that has touched the lives of so many who are having issues with finding true love.

This music video tells the story of a young girl who has been through a lot of heartbreaks and relationship issues, and at the verge of giving up on love, finds someone who really loves her and finds it difficult to believe it is real. This video would keep you entertained all the way through. Go download this video and enjoy.

“Baila Conmigo” is another hot single from Icielani’s box of ever flowing good music, set to be released March 2018 alongside its music video. Icielani is certainly keeping to her word, of delivering nothing short of excellence when it comes to music.

Icielani is currently working on an album that is set to be released sometime around end of summer 2018, and an already released single called “Rock It” from this album is making it a must-have for fans and lovers of her work.

This music video is available for streaming and download on her website and other media outlets available.

About Icielani

Singer, songwriter, & dancer Icielani, from Toronto Canada, has loved music since she was a little girl, she started performing in their living room with her siblings and later joined her church choir. Ever since then her life has revolved around the entertainment industry with music getting most of her attention. She is currently one of the most sought after Canadian upcoming singer of 2018.

She is also an articulate songwriter from the learning of English Literature at the University Toronto and is currently married to her manager Gilberto Garcia. In 2017, Icielani ranked  number 2 in the emerging 200 artists charts for 7 consecutive weeks. So watch out for this artist.

For more information about this artist, for booking purposes or to get in touch with Icielani log onto her website at you can also follow her on her social media pages at @Icielani.

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