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SugarDaddyLocal is a free sugar daddy dating site that connects handsome wealthy and caring men to hot young women, using video calls and anonymous text messaging for instant connections. Their main goal is to create an environment that is friendly for all sugar daddies and sugar babies.

Although you can clearly see that it’s design and interface are ancient, you have to admit that they are also fully functional and have a good sugar dating environment. It was designed to cater to both male and female sugar babies, connecting them to suitable sugar mummies and sugar daddies.

Most relationships are doomed even before they start. Why? Because, all too often, we tend to move against everything that we humans are hardwired for, right in our DNA. If you’re asking what are we hard wired for, sure – we are all hardwired for the survival and propagation of species. Which brings to attention that men and women are hardwired slightly different. Men are hard wired to provide and protect. Back in the day, in the cave ages, the cave man that was bigger, stronger or smarter and could provide food and shelter was more desirable to women because that would ensure a greater rate of survival for their offspring. The men, in turn would be more attracted to women that were healthier (lived longer – provide a greater number of offspring) and also women that had a talent to maximize on the meagre resourced that the man provided in a very deadly and competitive environment.

Many millennia later, that has now translated to women being attracted to men with money and power and men attracted to women that are physically desirable.

There are many Men and women who still live by these instincts and rules; men that truly consider it an honor to be given an opportunity to protect and provide for a woman, And women who in turn, recognize this trait in men and learn to appreciate such men, and treat them like the sugar daddies that they are.

SugarDaddyLocal is an app that helps bring together such men and women and connects handsome wealthy and caring men to hot young women, using video calls and anonymous text messaging for instant connections, but most importantly, it allows its sugar babies to make money on the site by creating and selling a vast range of virtual products and services

Emphasis on Privacy and Quality:

Integrated anonymous text messaging from your phone without adding any extra app downloads – connect to your sugar daddy or sugar baby with peace of mind.

Emphasis on Safety:

Blacklist database of offending members by mobile number and photo. Think of it as a dating site anti-virus to weed out undesirable sugar daddies and sugar babies. Again – have total peace of mind while connecting to a sugar daddy or sugar baby

SugardaddyLocal is revolutionary in terms of its rich feature set that it plans to implement in the coming months. Features such as video calling, anonymous sms are already implemented, and the others are on their way.

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