Essential Facts to Know about Mink furs

Mink fur is known to be the most luxurious fur available. In olden days, mink fur coats were worn only by rich people. But in today’s fashion era, mink fur coats are easily affordable and hence, anyone who wishes to flaunt it can buy one. If you are planning to buy a mink fur coat – there are certain facts to know, to pick a right one. If in case you already own a mink fur coat, the below listed points can undeniably help you take good care of it.

Mink furs shades and styles

Mink fur coats come in vivid shades and colours. You could either choose a full- length mink coat or a knee length mink coat or even a mink jacket. Some of the popular mink fur colours are – dark brown known as mahogany, light brown known as demi-buff and medium brown known as lunarine.

If you happen to own an old mink fur coat which is outdated. You could possibly restyle it with the help of furrier. A professional furrier can easily transform an old and outdated mink fur coat to a brand new-looking and trendy mink fur coat.

Find out if it is a male mink fur or female mink fur

Does it really matter? Well, it is certainly important to know, if your fur coat is made from a male mink fur or a female mink fur. Some of the subtle differences between a male mink fur and a female mink fur are:

  • Male mink furs are considerably thicker and warmer when compared to female mink fur.
  • Female mink furs are lighter, shinier, softer, thinner and more comfortable.
  • Male mink has around thirty-six to thirty-nine types of skins.
  • Female mink has around forty-five to fifty types of skins.
  • Both male and female mink fur lasts for almost 25 years.

Maintenance of mink fur coats

Mink fur coats are expensive and it for sure is a valuable asset. It is common that any clothing will go through wear and tear – but, a mink fur coat is a treasure. Isn’t it?

Valuable things definitely need utmost care and love in safeguarding them. Some of the tips listed below will help you in taking care of a mink fur coat in right ways:

  • Ensure proper storage place for your mink fur coat. Place it in a dark place and away from sunlight.
  • Do not compress mink fur coat with any other clothes or coats. Let it have enough room to breathe.
  • Prefer storing it with a professional furrier during summers.
  • Clean your mink fur coats regularly – at least once a year.
  • In case of alterations, visit a furrier to fix it professionally.
  • Avoid placing mink fur coats anywhere near heat emitting substances.
  • Avoid placing chemically reacting agents like mothballs close to mink fur coats.

Keep in mind, that mink fur coats are true sense of class and elegance.

The above facts will certainly help you to pick a right mink fur coat to match your style and persona.

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