Celebrity Workout Hints To Get Your Body In Shape

Everyone has their favorite routine when it comes to working out, even the famous folks.  Celebrity workouts have long been a super interest for fans of all walks of life, and today is no different.

If you’re looking for a new way to keep your body looking fresh and fit, look to the stars.  Here is a quick look into a few of the most popular celebrity workout hints to whip you into shape in no time at all.


The time when you’re not working out 

What you put into your body when you’re not working out is just as crucial to your health as the workout itself.  Your body needs clean fuel to keep it moving, and you won’t make it far without a balanced diet.

Celebrities work long hours on the sets of their blockbuster films, and place their bodies through some extreme strain.  There’s a long list of supplements actors take to prep for the intensity of their lives.


Running on the treadmill 

Taylor Swift is a big fan of her treadmill.  She has been quoted saying that she enjoys running, because it gives her a small “gym” anywhere she goes.  A quick run on the treadmill can get your heart beating and give you a chance to jam to your favorite tunes.

In general, runners are about thirty percent less likely to die from health complications.  Grab up your favorite playlist, and put your feet to the pavement (or the treadmill).


Check into Barry’s Bootcamp

Kim Kardashian speaks nothing but praises for Barry’s Bootcamp in California.  The trainer is no stranger to working out famous bodies and has several celebrity devotees.

Barry mixes cardio and strength training to boost endurance and overall wellness.  Going the route of Kim Kardashian may not be something you can afford, but there are plenty of hints all over the internet to get you started on the routine.  Be a self-starter.


Catch the spirit of SoulCycle 

If you’re looking for a more intense workout, try your body at some SoulCycle.  Stars like Lady Gaga, Nicole Kidman, and Kelly Ripa are SoulCycle devotees, and their bodies definitely show all the hard work they’ve done.

The workout routine is most well known for its intense mixture of speedy cycling and upper-body workouts.  The best part about this exercise routine is the music that comes along with it.


Drew Barrymore has faith in the Bar Method

Zumba started the rage over dance-based workout methods, but it’s time for the new kids to take over the block.  Kelly Osbourne, Denise Richards, and Zooey Deschanel are among the stars who swear by the results of the Bar Method.

The Bar Method will work your body out in a different sort of way using pieces of yoga, pilates, weight training, and more to design a full body workout.

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