Your body vs. your desk job

No matter how much you love your job, if you spend a lot of time sitting, your body will suffer. All desk jobs are fatal for our backs, necks, blood vessels and even our weight. We spend most of the day in the seatedposition without stretching our bodies enough; and by the time we leave work, we’re too tired for any physical activity. However, in order to reduce the pressure on your body and lower the risk to your health, you have totake action.

Hit the Gym

Regular exerciseis important, no matter what your job is; but if you have a desk job, then going to the gym is even more crucial for your health. It’s often recommended that you go at least three times a week and spend at least an hour in active training. All the gyms have the needed equipment for strengthening your whole body. However, if you don’t have enough time to visit the gym that often, you can always do it once or twice a week, while you can compensate some exercising time by some short at-home or at-the-desk exercises.

Regular Walks

Besides working out, you should start walking more. We’re usually in a hurry and we just jump into our cars, buses or subways on our way to work. However, that too can be bad for your body and mind since such ridesare usually stressful. In order to preserve your health, you should start walking to work; or at least walk through one part of your route. Walking at least an hour a day will benefit your health because it will get your blood flowing, heart pumping, your muscles will be used more and, overall, you will feel much better. Also, if you go on foot from work, you will finally get the chance to stretch out after a long day at the desk.


Yoga and Stretching

Stretching is crucial for your body if you don’t want to suffer any serious injuries or conditions due to sitting at work. You should start and end each day with a few simple stretching exercises at home, just to ease your muscles and relax them. Additionally, you can take up yoga classes, or you can simply do it at the comfort of your home. Yoga exercises are also good for stretching your spine, muscles and ligaments and you can easily find various videos of such exercises on You Tube. At least 30 minutes of stretching in any form will benefit your body and it will relieve any tension and stress that built up during the day.



Sitting all day builds up tension in your muscles, which can lead to cramps and plenty of uncomfortable pains and back problems. That is why you should book a relaxing massage at least once a week. Check out local spas and what they offer and treat your body with a day of relaxation and massages that will regenerate your body and put your muscles to their previous function and flexibility. Plus, you will manage to relieve stress and keep your sanity for a little longer.

Help from a Chiropractor

Your desk job can sometimes lead to various chronic pains in your neck and back, and only a professional can help restore your health. Chiropractors can help you when nothing else seems to work, even though you might exercise regularly. However, in order to help you get rid of tension and pains, your chiropractor will have to perform postural assessment first, and then find solutions to all your problems.

Careers are important, but your health should be your priority. Don’t let a mere desk job ruin your health, because that can only lead to more serious problems. Get active, consult with the professionals and you will never have back pain again.


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