Celebrity Interior Design Trends To Explore

Celebrity home design is the driving force of a million dollar industry, as fans simply cannot get enough of the lives of the rich and famous.  Countless television shows have been crafted around the seemingly endless desire to see and experience how the stars live.

If you’re one of millions who are curious about the interior design styles of the stars, you’re in the right place.  Take a quick read through this brief look at celebrity interior design trends you may want to explore.


Monochromatic color schemes

Designers will often advise against a monochromatic design because it can make a space feel empty and lifeless.  However, the stars answer to no one and monochromatic designs are quite common in Hollywood.

Kim Kardashian is one of today’s most sought after television personalities, and her home is a pristine display of lackluster colors.  Keep in mind that monochromatic design is a little more realistic when you are working with a large space.


Pattern mixing and accent walls

Another design trend of the stars that doesn’t fall in line with traditional design advice is pattern mixing and accent walls.  Celebrities have taken to tacky accent walls and created a melting pot of textures/patterns throughout.

If you choose to follow suit in your own home, be aware of the risk of making the space feel cluttered and messy.  You want comfortable and “lived-in” to be the vibe.


Integrated hardware on cabinets and drawers

Another high-end luxury design trend for the year is integrated hardware.  You can design a sleeker looking bathroom or kitchen with integrated hardware/pulls.

There’s no knobs to get in the way or bars to hit your hip on in an integrated setup.  Live like the stars, and investigate the investment of switching to this design style today.


Kitchen islands with cantilevered eating area

The kitchen of any home is one of the most trafficked spots in the whole of the house.  The design of your kitchen should welcome the company of friends and family around the clock.

Kitchen islands with cantilevered eating areas are a design specialty in the homes of the rich and famous, and it’s easy to understand why.  The varied levels of workspace offer a cozy spot (separate but equal) in the kitchen to enjoy your meal.


Layering the old with the new 

Why go with one design method, when you can mix up the old and the new?  Stars are learning the benefit and homey feel of mixing the old and the new in terms of design, and they like it.  Perfection in design is a thing of the past, and patina/aging is becoming a more valued aesthetic.

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