Castle Greens

CastleGreens® is an industry leading brand in the field of hydroponics. The factory is based in mainland China, with the main office headquarters in Los Angeles U.S. We manufacture high quality growth tents as well as all lights and garden accessories, heating mats and bubble hash bags. We currently operate a warehouse based in Denver, with plans to open another in Spain in the next one to two years. This is a part of our continuous plan to open multiple overseas warehouses in order to save on shipping costs that can be passed on to our customers, as well as dramatically reducing delivery times.

In addition, we are currently developing several other large scale projects, including the structuring of a cooperation with WAL-MART which we hope to begin in the near future. This will help us take our products to the homes of thousands of customers in the United States. We are also looking at the opening of our own brand store, in order to reach our customers in a more direct way. Our aim is push the innovation of green technology to improve life. 3.

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