How to Find a Professional Hairstylist to Apply Weaves?

African-American women love to challenge new hairstyle, so how to find a good hair stylist? This is very important. You do not want to stay in a salon and reject a stylist who is inexperienced and leaves you permanent hair damage. If a hair stylist has no license, you just run, not walk.


A professional hair stylist not only has a full understanding of African-American hair, he or she must be very professional, licensed, and is the someone you will have the reason to return to her shop. Here are some good tips to find a killer hair stylist.

On Social Network

Ask your friends where they get their hairstyles done, but if they do not want you to know, then what? After all, their hair looks more beautiful than yours right now. So, social network will help your hair advantage. Did you see an African-American woman with a haistyle she want to die for? Have you ever been envying the hairstyle of your friends on Facebook? What about the hair of celebrities you followed on Twitter? Are their hairstyles beautiful? So, ask the person on social networking sites who with fabulous weaves, who their stylist is? Maybe the hair stylist works in a salon nearby your area. Those people who have fabulous hairstyle but you had never met will be more happy to tell you where they get their hair done. But you probably get no answer from a celebrity but it does not matter, after all they have tons of fans.

Hair Vendors

Ask a popular hair vendor online, for example, vendor like New Star Hair, which is a leading hair vendor wholesale virgin hair to professional licensed stylists and salons. They will recommend a good stylist for you.

Check by Yourself

Once you have gotten a recommendation of a good licensed stylist, you need to drop by a vist to their salon by yourself. Call them before going to their salon and ask for a consultation. Once you are there, what does the hair stylist look like? Is he or she look professional? Does the hair salon use a clean set of clothes to dry hair? And the most important is how about their attitude. Because you must be sure dealing with a friendly person who is willing to answer all your questions. And last, what’s the price, is it reasonable?

How clean is the salon? If you feel no right, then go out and try another one. If you are satisfied with it, then book an appointment. So, that’s the ultimate guide on how to find your killer hais stylist. There is one last thing you must keep in mind, even if you have your hair done with the same stylist recommended by your friend, you may not get the same hair looking effect as their because every one has different hair texture. So, do not blame your stylist, they have done their best.

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