A perfect nose with Micro-Rhinoplasty

There are various types of plastic surgeries done on different body parts. Among those, nasal enhancements are popular mostly among women. Enhancing the nose, correcting or reconstructing its form and restoring its functions can be done by a nose job, which is medically known as rhinoplasty. Removing a nose bump, narrowing the nostril width, changing the angle within the nose and the mouth as well as correcting birth defects can be done using Rhinoplasty, which was found in earlier days. There are surgical, as well as non-surgical methods in rhinoplasty.

Micro Rhinoplasty can be recognized as the more improved version of rhinoplasty. It is less invasive than the traditional rhinoplasty methods, because it applies micro-instrumentation facilities. As the most commonly requested treatment is removing humps or bumps on the nose, the method it is performed using the new techniques in micro-rhinoplasty will be a classic example for the fact of less-invasiveness. Rather than fracturing the nose as per in rhinoplasty, a specialized air powered micro saw is used in micro-rhinoplasty to remove the bony bump of the nose layer by layer. Most types of deformity can be restructured using this technique. Usually performed under general anesthesia, a micro-rhinoplasty surgery takes about two to three hours depending on the type of modification.


The inspiring micro rhinoplasty was introduced by Dr.Yakup Aswar 10 years ago. He had introduced three core facilities related to the technology: video endoscopy coming along with the magnification power, micro cutting as well as micro rasping blades, and micro surgical utensils.

Video endoscopy provided with the power of magnification is a technique especially used to reshape the bony nasal-vault. It is also used to treat the septal projections, to repair mucus-tears as well as to control bleeding during the surgery. Its contribution has become a must in the glabella surgery and treating high-oriented septal deviations. There is another technological procedure under video endoscopy, known as micro motor assisted reshaping of the bony vault, which is specifically used to reform the nose’s bony structure. This is also a powerful approach of micro rasping as well as micro cutting blades.

Micro cutting blades and micro rasping blades were also found by Dr.Yakup as tools required for micro-rhinoplasty. Furthermore, they are used for video endoscopy, as well as to perform different techniques such as medial osteotomy and transverse.


Have been said about the first two facilities, the third is the set of micro surgical utensils. Dissecting, reshaping and suturing the soft-tissues are done using these. Performing delicate surgeries have become much easier with the use of this tool kit. Micro scissors and micro tools are used in surgeries on the nose. It is said that surgeries cannot be done effectively without these special techniques.

A Micro-rhinoplasty treatment can be done even in remedy of a failed primary rhinoplasty. However, the success-rate will increase if the operation of the nasal structure could be controlled. Undoubtedly, the tactics mentioned above help surgeons in maintaining a good control throughout nasal surgeries.

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