Lifestyle Entertainment Solutions Q&A w/ Scott Edward McDowell

Q: What is Lifestyle Entertainment Solutions, LLC?

A: Lifestyle Entertainment Solutions is a full-service digital marketing agency that provides clients with content creation that ranges from graphic design, motion graphics, product placement, website development and editorial features on various blogs. In addition to our digital marketing efforts, we have also developed several event concepts that include the Urban Arts Show and the Elevated Lifestyle Pop Up Shop.

Q: Can you tell us some of the clients you have worked with?

A: My background is within the music industry so we have had some amazing relationships working with artists like Akon and all of the artists on the Konvict Muzik roster that include Lady Gaga, T-Pain, Colby Odonis, Rich Rocka and others. In addition, I have been brought into many projects with UMG (Universal Music Group) one of my favorite projects was when I was able to help Bonnie Pointer of the legendary group The Pointer Sisters release a solo EP. Aside from those projects I also developed my own mixtape series called the Global Attack Mixtapes that was distributed under TuneCore/Island Def Jam. We had an amazing roster of artist that included Gucci Mane, Jadakiss, Freeway, Treach from Naughty By Nature, Styles P and Kid Capri. We also had independent artists on the series from the U.K, Japan, Sweeden, France, Canada and all over the United States. My roots are deeply connected in the music industry but my true passion is within producing my events the Urban Arts Showcase and the Elevated Lifestyle Pop Up.

Q: Can you tell us more about the Elevated Lifestyle Pop Up?

A: The Elevated Lifestyle Pop Up Shop is an event series that allows e-commerce businesses a platform to engage with consumers in an intimate setting. I rent out an art gallery and have an art installation/group art show along with jewelry and fashion designers as vendors. We have also had some craft cocktails, sauces and soaps and lotions as vendors at past events as well. I also create a digital advertising plan with social media and the local entertainment guides in each city where we pop up. I have produced the Elevated Lifestyle Pop Up in NYC, Los Angeles, Denver, San Francisco and Austin. I have plans to produce the pop up in other markets around the country and eventually take the concept overseas to Berlin, Paris,London, Hong Kong, Amsterdam, and Milan. Each city that we pop up we cater to local craft makers and designers that that region. I strive on being hyper-local and having consumers support local small business in every city where the Elevated Lifestyle market pops up.

Q: What is the Urban Arts Show?

A: Originally the UAS started as a way to help drive traffic to an art gallery in Tribeca area of NYC and was a three-day event. The concept was to merge the original elements of hip-hop that include B-boying/breaking dancing, Graffiti Writing, Rapping, and Djing. We had a graffiti art exhibit, break dancing competition and Dj’s and MC’s perform over the three-day event. We quickly outgrew the Tribeca gallery space and looked at using other cocktail lounges, event spaces and even did a UAS yacht party. We have had some amazing sponsor that include Reebok, G-Shock, Redbull, Ciroc, Cazal Eyewear, Kidrobot, Arizona Ice tea, Calebs Kola, House of Marley, PBR, Boxed Water and Sullen Art Collective to name a few and countless other independent designers and brands. The goal is to grow the UAS into a large-scale international festival and I’m excited to be announcing some big news soon about the Urban Arts Showcase.

Q: What’s next for Lifestyle Entertainment Solutions?

A: Ideally, the next phase of growth for my company would be to bring in a sales manager to help with business development. Right now wear many hats and need to consider bringing in team members to help fill roles so I can focus on important aspects of growth. I’m at a pivotal point when I need to surround myself with like-minded people to reach my goals and experience my goals. You can my progress and journey on twitter and instagram @ELv8Scott


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