An Exclusive Interview With Multi Talented ARTIST & Model Keturah Blanca

Q. Tell us a little bit about yourself. Your background, education etc. ??

Well, I’m an entrepreneur at heart and an artist at my core. But I’m keturah Branch a model and actress, and kinda just explore all my talents. Seems like modeling is my calling at the moment. I’m from PG county Maryland, moved to Cali a couple of years ago to actually go after acting and model.

Q. At what point did you decide to become an actor/Model?

I’ve always wanted to act since I was 8 years old. I was In a play that Debbie Allen produce called a dream deferred. It’s funny because I play this church lady haha I was like 8 years old. I had no idea that as an adult I would still be after it.
Q. How can people find you online and get updates about it ?

You guys can just follow my Instagram @paidinbirkins the link to my website is in my link tree bio.
Q. If you could choose, what three actors/models would you really want to work with?

I really would like to work with Savage x Fenty, omg H&M I would really like to do a show on the OWN network. I think it will be nice to see a model with a everyday body type like myself. I’m not tall and plus size or even slim thick, honey I’m short and thick and I’m not the only one hahaha.

Q. Ideally, where would you like to see yourself five years from now?

Hmmm 5 years from now I would like to see myself just fully living and working in my craft. You know what they say “ do what you love and you’ll never work again.

Q. To be an established actor you need to be able to measure your success and build on this. How do you evaluate success within your role?

My measure of success if always in how much I’ve had to overcome or rather how much effort did I really have to give. Did I really transform myself into the role? Honestly, if your not dog tired after set I mean did you even work.

Q. Talk me through some of your biggest achievements to date. Why were these memorable to you, and how did you achieve them?

 I’ve done a lot of theater acting and I guess my biggest accomplishment would be auditioning for shows on BET. Honestly, it’s really hard to get a 1×1 audition without an agent or prior training. It’s was a great experience and I’m on my way up.

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