Release All In Love And Trust Enough Was Enough

We’ve all been there, our wobbly nerves, and shaky dance to the dressing room.  While this process should not be daunting, it is! You are holding on to garments that may or may not lay on your curves in the manner to which you desire.  Thoughts of hope emerge from the recesses of your nervous, yet beautiful mind.  The moment of truth feels heavy, about as light as a boulder, yet it is a task that you endure over and over again.  Yes! I do mean endure!  Garment after garment, dress after dress.  Each piece of denied clothing feeling more like a rejection to our soul rather than body.

One of my most memorable, pre-weight Release moments I can recall was attempting to try on a unique dress in a major department store.  My eyes and heart feigned for the dress, however, I felt on my body, it would be taking a chance.  As I began to slip the garment over my head and down to my shoulders, well, that’s about as far as the dress was received on my then frame.  Let me get to where enough was enough, in the midst of my dressing room defeat, I had to remove the dress.  What do you know?  The beautiful garb would not go up nor down-STUCK!  What feelings of frustration and rejection-AGAIN!  After clamoring for help, aka, my mother to the rescue, the dress felt like it had to be extracted, like a wisdom tooth, from my body.  This experience was one too much.  The pangs of my mind, soul, and body cried out to be Released.

What You Lose You Will Find

Lost & Found

For many years, obesity was a place, I called home, it wasn’t that I loved this home or that it was a safe haven to live and visit, however it was home.  Emotional eating and a lack of self-love was a lifestyle, and since my eating habits reflected my lifestyle I had to let go of all the felonious notions I harbored.

I cannot recall where I heard the term “what you lose, you will find”, however those words of wisdom were like adhesive to my soul.  Here’s an analogy that allowed me to make a shifting connection.  Do you remember the “lost and found”, consider it’s purpose?  One of the intentions or purpose of a lost and found is to provide a space, to help one, recover items that may have been left, misplaced, or found by another individual.  A lost and found is a supposed drop-off setting, should you stumble upon someone else’s valuables.  Not only is the lost and found for you to drop off lost items, it is also a place for those who lost something to seek.

Here is where we can get into trouble, and not trouble with eating unhealthy food that can lead to being overweight.  You may consistently be accessing the lost and found within your life, yes, YOUR LIFE!    Before you head over to the lost and found with your life, please take a moment to consider what you believed you lost, and most importantly if it needs to be found.  Here’s the thing, worry, doubt, shame, fear, unworthiness, non-supportive friends and family, need to remain lost.  The critical step in this lost and found piece is YOU.  You my dear friend have to mentally Release that which was “lost”.

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