The Art World’s Monika Blichar

The Art World is changing. Gone are the days of working solely with one gallery or relying on one source of promotions for your work. Artist and entrepreneur Monika Blichar is a rising star in the Art World and answers a few questions about being an artist and working in the industry.

What kind of art do you do?

I am primarily a visual artist; I paint, create mixed media pieces and work on accessories. I work in make up and body paint and recently, have started to take my photography more seriously. I also consider my work as a producer, art retreat organizer and events planner an art form. I dabble in many art forms and like to constantly evolve what I am doing by trying new mediums and creating new projects.

What have you seen changing in the Art World over the last few years?

With social media, anything is possible. Artists no longer have to rely on galleries or art dealers to show and sell their work. This is extremely empowering for artists of all kinds today. It means that we don’t have to adhere to anyone’s rules but our own.

What are you working on currently?

Presently, I am working on a European Series. I am the owner of Painting Dreams International Art Tours and travel with emerging and established artists annually to Europe. Our country of choice this year is Spain. The last two years, we have traveled to France, Holland and Poland. I am creating a series of 20 pieces inspired by my travel and plan to show them at my annual event “Art World Expo”. In its 7th year, I produce the event to help other artists show and sell their work and highlight the Art World in Western Canada. In addition to these two projects, I own MAB Art Studio & Boutique Gallery where I teach painting classes and represent local and international visual artists, jewellery and fashion designers as well as artisan craftspeople working in unique mediums.

What do you want people to know about the Art World?

I believe that art and the world are connected. I think people have forgotten to some degree the importance of being creative, artistic and being imaginative in our day to day lives. If I could tell people to do one thing, it would be to become involved in their local art communities.

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Photo Credits:
Photography and Curation-Monika Blichar
Body Painting-Kathleen Fowlstone
Jewellery-Carolyn Bruce
Fascinator-Coastal Storm Gallery
Car-Trevor Jensen
Sponsor-Canada Car Source

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