An Interview With T Shirts Designer Wesley Wallace

So how did you become a t-shirt designer?

A: After years in the retail business doing odd-jobs, I found I was underutilizing my degree and design skills, and making money for everyone but myself. I read a quote by billionaire Warren Buffett, that said, “If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.” Something about this made sense to me, so I started working towards something that can show my personality, even when I’m not on the clock.

How you feeling about crafting things into a realised clothing collection?

A: Everybody knows it’s an amazing feeling to see something you are working on finally come together. Let me tell you, it’s even more amazing when you see so many other people loving and supporting that creation!

If you had a chance to do a collaboration collection, which designer/brand would you holla at?

A: Converse. Most people know them for awesome shoes, but their punk shirt designs are nothing short of inspiring.

You’re launching an online shop , right? What can we expect from that?

A: is live right now, I’m constantly upgrading it and adding new designs. You can expect to see high quality t-shirts released on a regular basis.

Do you do much in the way of marketing for your own shirts, and if so to what extent do you think this contributes to your sales?

A: In today’s e-commerce environment, designers are lucky to have access to amazing tools like social media ad campaigns that can help people like me essentially market their company entirely by themselves. Online and in-person marketing probably accounts for a 3/4ths of my sales, with most of the others coming from fans spreading the word.


A lot of your designs are inspired by movies and bands. have you ever run into legal issues with any of your designs? have you seen any change in the attitude to these kinds of designs from shirt sites or IP owners over the years?

A: I have not run into any legal issues yet; as a a designer you walk a thin line between satire and stealing intellectual property. You have to ask yourself, am I using something someone has already made, or am I making something unique? And yes, there has been a change: there seems to be a lot less action taken against intellectual proprtey theft in recent years with the popularity of social media and common access to tools like Photoshop.

How important are graphic T-shirts to your style, and to your life?

A: I wear a T-shirt everyday, which means I have 365 opportunities a year to show people who I am, what I stand for, and what sets me apart from the crowd. So, graphic tees are very important in my life, and they contribute greatly to my style. Graphic T-Shirts are the easiest way to passively advertise your personality.

Finally, what are the biggest things you think a designer considering getting into t-shirts should know?

A: Great question! The advise I’d give new T-shirt designers is that you have to have commitment. In concept, it sounds easy: draw some designs, get them printed, start selling your shirts. But crafting designs and look good in print and resonate with your core demographic is a whole job on its own. And creating far-reaching marketing campaigns on a budget is a whole job on its own too. As well, printing your shirts correctly, choosing the right color options, sizes, fabric, etc. is a third job! I could go on, but the point is: if you don’t have the grit to stick with it through the slow times, you’ll never make it to fast times.

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