An Exclusive Interview With Famous Life Coach Nikkie



Well I have always known I was born to help people I just was not sure in what way, I was always a hard worker, working jobs at the same time as studying many qualifications or running more than one home business trying to make something for myself and my family but a few things got in the way for example a domestic violence relationship, being overweight, losing 87kgs quickly, losing a child and then lastly I became seriously ill for a few years, a few minor strokes and brain bleeds later and many specialists appointments I found out I had a brain tumor in a rare spot of my brain, the day I went for brain surgery to try remove this changed my whole life. I was scared I was not going to make it out alive, I thought my children were going to lose their mother. So when I woke up after surgery I knew I had another chance at life, I knew I needed to show my children you can achieve anything you desire so I started immediately working on myself and doing what it takes to find my truth, my passion and my purpose which is helping women all over the world change their lives, be successful, live a life of freedom etc.… Once I was super clear on my purpose and shared my story and message to the world it all just started and grew dramatically. I have even recently started my own haircare and skincare label. For me, waking up each day knowing I change people’s lives and work with so many people inspiring them and motivating them but also having time at home with my family when they need me there really is nothing better.

Do you work online as well? What services do you offer?

Yes, I do most of my services is actually online as I have clients all over the world, some of my clients I spend some VIP days with in their country or mine but most is via telephone, video calls, emails and messages. I currently offer 30-day coaching, 6 month coaching or for the all-in women I have my VIP one to one 12-month intensive coaching program which is my most popular program. In-between, now and then I release short programs or courses, I have my speaking engagements and me writing my books, just launched my own haircare and skincare label and something exciting coming up where I have been asked to host my own tv show.

What is your vision?

Well as simply put as I can get it, my vision is to inspire, empower and impact millions of people all over the world to give themselves permission to have it all, stand out, be badass and live their dreams fearlessly.

What is the best thing you have ever heard from a client?

Wow this is a big one as I hear many of them but I must say the best one yet was from a previous struggling mother who was nearly homeless, she cried to me on the phone saying she owes her life to me because I helped her go from that place to now being totally happy and living her dreams being successful online. But you see, it was not all me, she is the one that had to also do the work. My clients are dedicated amazing hard-working women and I am so proud of them all but to be told I dramatically helped change the lives of her and her children really meant the world to me and I think about that every single day and its people like this that is the reason I do what I do.

What experience do you offer to your clients?

All of my coaching is based around that clients individual needs so this can vary so much but no matter the situation we always do a lot of work on mindset because that is a huge piece of the work to living your purpose and being successful. I help my clients breakthrough struggles and limiting beliefs to turn them into realizations on what they need to do to completely move past it, we work on goals and chunking them into actionable tasks so they can easily work for them and achieve them, we go through absolutely everything you can think of in terms of piecing their dreams together to make it a reality and most importantly I’m there for my clients whenever something negative pops up in their life to help them through it and to change it into a positive thing and make something amazing from just that.

You have an amazing clientele, how do you manage work and everyday life? How is a typical day?

Haha yes well, being a mother of three and step mother of two gorgeous children out household is quite full on, but when you add running businesses from home and just launched your own haircare and skincare label, speaking, writing, traveling and a whole heap more it is a massive amount BUT when you live your life in total alignment living your purpose you love everything you do and you manage to make everything happen and just work your bum off for it all. My typical day usually looks a little bit like this. I wake up, do my morning affirmations, have a look at my planner for the days actions, get the children ready for school and go and drop them off. Once I am home again I do a lot of my online work like social media posting, responding to and sending emails, I will then get any coaching calls done or online meetings and interviews, chat throughout the day to my VIP clients as they have exclusive access to me at all times, work with my team on anything needing done for the week such as workshop preparations, designs, invoices, do Facebook lives or record any videos I need, wow there is so many things I could write pages full. Then I pretty much repeat it all again throughout the day until everything is done, I then go and collect the children from school, do the usual mother duties of a night like cook dinner and any homework needing to be done and one the children are in bed I repeat my usual workings from home again. I usually have a structured plan each day so I know when I need to do what, and I only work certain hours because the joys of working from home is of-course you work your own hours so you can be there when your family needs you. That is another reason why I now have a team here at Nikkie Burns International because having a team helps free up some time to do more of the things you love and are an expert at.


What do you help people dealing with?

Most of the time it is simply people that feel stuck right now but they know they were born for more, so I help them break through any barriers they have right now so they can move forward, create a plan with them on what needs to be done, inspire and motivate them and of-course make sure they get closer and closer each time to where they ultimately want to be. (most wanting to be 6 or 7 figure earners, living life in total freedom and making money just by being them and living their purpose and sharing their message with the world)


How can someone find you?

People can find me on Facebook my Facebook business page is called Nikkie Burns International, they can find me on Instagram, twitter @NikkieBurns and of course my website which is and by emailing


What do you love the most at your profession?

This is an easy one, waking up every single day helping people dramatically change their lives, impacting the word, sharing my story and my message and showing my children you can achieve anything as long as you work for it.


What would you advice people that suffer from stress?

I would advise them to do a lot of inner work on themselves, journal, meditation, take their time with things, do a gratitude journal and definitely take at least 30 minutes a day for some self-care time such as a nice bath, walk or rest. Doing all of those things can really help stress and I do it all of the time. It changed my life.

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