An Interview With Influential Fashion Sensation Buket Guler


Buket Guler is a major influencer in Istanbul, Turkey and in Europe. She is constantly expanding her clout both east and west through her online and offline shopping pages on Instagram and by making her presence and her tastes known via press visits, interviews, videos and fashion week. She differentiates herself from other influencers by way of her sense of style and her social media expertise. Her work and her focus is customer based. Meaning, customers come first and whatever she does, whatever brand she represents must be appropriate for her followers. Her influencer career began as a blog but soon blossomed into shopping pages on Instagram which has attracted almost three-quarters of a million clients, fans and followers.


Q: Buket, what made you want to become an influencer?


A: I was working at a corporate job and I always noticed that I was the most fashionable person there. It wasn’t an ego thing, just an observation regarding clothes and style and how one presents one’s self in public. I was constantly reading all the fashion magazines and I felt that I had an understanding of clothing and fashion trends. I also took a great deal of pride in what I wore and when I looked around, I felt that what I wore and the styles I liked would be appropriate for a lot of the women around me. That’s when I started my blog called Pukfashion.


Q: Where did you go with it after that?


A: I worked hard at Pukfashion and moved it to Instagram and built it into a successful influencer site that accumulated hundreds of thousands of followers. Then I started another shopping page that promotes clothes in online and offline stores and that one is called Shopthetrendy. I now have over 700,000 followers.


Q: What is your daily life like?


A: My days always start pretty early so I can be in touch with the European and U.S. time zones. I work out every day and I do my agency work and then I plan my daily content for my social media.


Q: So, this is not a part time job?


A: Of course not! It is a full time commitment. I’m not only committed to my social media posts and my followers, but I am also devoted and very loyal to the brand products that I recommend and represent every day.

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