An Interview with Musical Group Pacific Duo

We recently caught up with talented musical group Pacific Duo, who are based in Brooklyn, New York and are bringing a whole new sound to the world. Here is what they had to say:

Tell us about Pacific Duo and how you guys came together:

Katie and I met in 2015 while we were both studying at Mannes in NYC. We both had an interest in new music and signed up for the contemporary ensemble run by new music specialist Madeleine Shapiro.

Tell us about your first project together. What type of sound was it? 

Our first project was performing Iranian composer Reza Vali’s Folk Songs For Flute and Cello. This music was extremely interesting as the sound world was completely new to us. It incorporated by Amy humming and exploring percussion effects while playing the cello, as well as Katie exploring sounds with water while playing both the flute and bass flute.

Do you guys collaborate through the internet a lot of the time or in person?

Since we are both Brooklyn based musicians we often collaborate in person. We feel as though there is a lot of excitement in creating music in the moment so we also tend to record our sessions.

What inspires Pacific Duo?

We are really inspired by the sounds that both the cello and flute make together. Both instruments are normally only showcased together in a classical orchestra setting -however we have found that the timbre and sounds of the instruments together are complementary and interesting when created.

Have you played any live shows together yet? If so, where?

Yes! We have had a few live performances as part of new music concerts around Manhattan and Brooklyn. Because the feedback was so positive we knew that we should continue to make music and that is why we have decided to launch a 2020 concert season.

What are you currently working on?

At the moment we are putting together our programs for the season. We are regularly meeting and improvising with an aim to form a program that will be interesting and new for the audience.

What’s next for Pacific Duo?

We are constantly thinking of ways to incorporate other artists into our concerts such as dancers, poets and actors. We hope to be a new music ensemble that supports artists of all forms.

Any advice for upcoming bands and musicians?

We have really enjoyed musically exploring our instruments and not being held to classical music barriers. We think that bands and musicians should not be afraid to do the same! It will open up a whole new world!


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