Ramifications “Inside scoop with Mark Child”

The choices we make in our own life can have a life-altering ripple effect on those around us. This is the concept behind a new film ‘Ramification’ that is set to begin filming in late 2016.

Written by the Anthony Pond, and teaming up with Amy Child Productions, who all recently completed a project called ‘The Silent Peace’ together. “Ramification” stems from the concept of “The Silent Peace” so we all know this film is going to be an emotional roller coaster. Mark Child has been announced as the lead actor as Jacob White. We got a small inside scoop of what the film is about from Child himself about the film.

What’s the concept behind Ramifications ?

“The film displays the manifestation of a decision, and how the choices we make can have a life-altering ripple effect on those around us. Without us even know it effects people that we don’t know. Its based in a small town in America, It shows how different we all are but how our life’s intertwine with one another. It brings a genuine awareness of it to the audience.

 Why should audiences pay attention?

We all need to be cautious that our own decision’s don’t effect only ourselves but those around us, it’s a simple thought that we tend to forget and it’s always eye opening to get reminded of just how much you can effect somebody else’s life.

Who is the creative team behind the project?

It will be produced by Amy Child Productions who are amazing! And Anthony Pond who is one of the most talented people I have worked with. I’m really excited to be working with this pair again. The director is TBD but they are in talks with a few directors.

What is the most exciting thing for the audiences?

 The way the script is written I think that there is a character that everyone can relate to. It shows how us as human how our lives are intertwined with one another, and how our small choices can change our lives drastically. This definitely a film you need to keep an eye for.


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