Timepieces: The Hottest Trend in Hollywood!

There is a big difference between a “watch” and a “timepiece”, and nobody knows that better than creator and CEO of ERA Timepieces, Michael Galarza. Michael and his team at ERA set out with one singular goal: to take haute horlogerie complications and make them accessible to the common man. In the process of doing so, they gained a lot of traction via the Hollywood market with celebrities, influencers and athletes such as Tara Reid, Steve Stanulis, Tommy Chong, Ryan Burnett, Krystle Lina, Kennedy Summers and Justin Simmons all taking notice!

We caught up with Michael to learn more about the man behind the timepiece trend, his own personal style and what makes his designs different than others…

How would you describe your own personal style as a CEO and designer?

Laid back, smart fitted streetwear is my own personal style.  As a designer for our timepieces, I have to design timeless designs that are bold and stand out so it’s a little bit different than what I usually wear, but equally as important

How do you feel your ERA Timepieces fit into celebrities and individual’s own style, whether it be casual, at work or on a red carpet?

ERA Timepieces are designed to be the most visually interesting and statement piece in an outfit.  The goal with every piece is to have someone take a quick glance at it and know instinctively that this is a special piece.

With creating ERA, what is your company’s overall mission?

ERA Timepiece’s mission is to bring down the cost of haute horological complications and features that you would only see in absurdly expensive timepieces and make them more fairly priced in an industry rife with price gouging.

How important is the topic of “Fashion” when you come up with the designs of these timepieces?

To be honest, our design process does not involve a focus on what would pair well with the timepiece as we are not in that world and there is no synergy in that for us creative process.  We just focus on making the absolute most amazing product much like one would when when creating a supercar or hypercar and then let our customers do the pairing

What brands clothing wise do ERA Timepieces really compliment when worn together?

Our ERA Prometheus is a Dress Timepiece, so it goes exceptionally well with suits, tuxedos, and other formalwear.  Swap the strap to a rubber strap or a Stainless Steel one and it’ll pair well with a more casual outfit as well!

How does it feel to see celebrities such as Tara Reid, Steve Stanulis, Tommy Chong, Ryan Burnett, and Justin Simmons wear your timepieces?

It feels good because it validates the importance of what we’re doing.  It’s not just about people who can’t afford the price gouged prices of typical generic “luxury” pieces, it’s people who can easily afford them who are saying they don’t want to be taken advantage of anymore

Who would be your ultimate celebrity that you’d want to see wear your timepiece?

Elon Musk – our brand is all about disrupting the antiquated dinosaurs that run watch industry and he is the ultimate embodiment of the spirit of ERA

Why is a timepiece different than a watch?

A timepiece is a work of art that is meticulously made that is a marvel of engineering.  It has power, it has clout, it has gravitas.  A watch just tells time, a timepiece is used to make a statement to the world

In a digital world, why is a timepiece still very important to own and wear?

A timepiece is used to convey who you are and to show that you are deserving of the world’s most intricate complications on your wrist.  A digital clock cannot do that.

What’s next for you and ERA?

We’re not slowing down one bit! We have an entire line of timepieces ready for late Spring launch.  We’re bringing more haute complications to the world at attainable prices.

Learn more at: https://eratimepieces.com

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