Lalello ! Handmade Silver Jewelry

When deciding how to curate our new collection of jewelry we decided to get away from our regular office space and head into nature. We wanted to be inspired by the detail of nature. The reflection of the sky in a single drop of rain. The lazy spiral of leaves tumbling in the wind.

Building a collection starts from knowing it’s a part of something bigger, that it’s a fragment of the whole.
We also wanted to get back to the idea that a piece of jewelry becomes a part of us. A bond forms taking on its own meaning and becomes precious with a value beyond the commodity.

We wanted to share this sentiment and offer pieces that whilst instantly aesthetically appealing, would become cherished pieces, bringing pleasure now and in the years to come. Because we know, what we adorn ourselves with, is a mirror to the things we find sacred in the world.

That is how the collection began to be curated.

The other important aspect is rarity, the reflection of the individual beauty, these pieces are produced in limited numbers with the designer hand picking the right stones for each piece. So that each piece is perfect in itself but part of a larger whole.

We believe these elements coming together makes for a very special collection. The appreciation of natural organic shapes and formations is a theme we keep at the heart of the collection, as well as the notion that nature does things in ways that surpass our own imagination.

We hope you enjoy our jewelry and make a decision to order a piece that speaks to you. We also have a newsletter and a Facebook page, if you would like to be kept up to date on new collections as we curate them.

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