If you are looking for something special, personal and outstanding then 3D printed jewelry is perfect for you. Typically, we are willing to wait quite a long time for items that are custom made, because they are unique, often one of a kind.

Become Your Own Jewelry Designer

Now jewelry designer Anouk Regnier who is also COO for Dagoma USA says you can have customized jewelry in the color and design you want to match your outfit by 3D printing the jewelry yourself with your own home 3D printer. The opportunity opens several paths for you to design for yourself, your friends and even to open an online shop or sell at Pop-up stores or Craft Fairs or even a local boutique.

See Easy to Make Styles here:

See some ideas for designing your own jewelry at: These days a new trend of making, wearing and flaunting your own 3D printed jewelry is on the rise and it seems it’s not going out of style anytime soon. This idea echoed so profoundly that the 3D printed jewelry is on the verge of getting to the mainstream according to Regnier who says making jewelry is even easier than cooking your favorite dish.

Bring out Your Creativity

Will the jewelry designer be replaced by a robot? The human touch and artisanship of jewelry is never going anywhere, it will always remain a key factor and major component of success. Furthermore, 3D printing provides the opportunity for even the average person like you and me to create their own personalized jewelry. It’s an exciting time in history to be a jewelry designer.

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