At just 17, producer Ethan Paisley is achieving commercial success with a variety of independent films hitting VOD in countries ranging from The Philippines to the UK. Last week he hit the Sundance Film Festival to announce his third-ever feature screenplay, Playing the Game, which is being produced by an all-star director and producer team.

At Sundance, it was announced that renowned photographer-director Indrani will be directing the film. Her name carries weight across the film, reality TV, and fashion worlds, having succeeded in everything from directing music videos for David Bowie to starring in her own Bravo show titled Double Exposure. Her creative partner GK Reid will be on board of Playing The Game as a producer.

The screenplay was written by Paisley and a group of 10 San Francisco teenagers during the summer of 2017. The material was optioned by Eric J. Adams of Sleeperwave Films who won the African Academy Award for his film, Supremacy, with Mahershala Ali. Siena Oberman of Paperchase Films will be a producer too. Her company produced The Kindergarten Teacher, which just premiered at Sundance.

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