The new musical project from Carlos Camacho bass guitarist and co-founder of Latin Rock band KuKO formed in 1999. The band recorded two albums in Australia (Guevara Demonstration 1999 and Sindrome 2003). They also made two records in Argentina (Mucho Dirty 2005 and Spanish Lesson Number One 2010). This latest album still to be released. The band played a tour in South America and recorded with high profile Grammy winner Alvaro Villagra and Martin Fierro recipient Michel Peyronel. They played with top rock musicians like Pappo, Vox Dei, Carajo, Attaque 77 and recorded with guitarist Juanse of Ratones Paranoicos and Jose Bale of Fabulosos Cadillacs.

Carlos wrote a pop album for his solo career during the KuKO breaks. The current album to be released in 2017 LOSE CONTROL was written and recorded in 2005. The whole album was recorded in Carlos’ home studio in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney. He purposely used an 80’s drum machine and analog Yamaha keyboard to reach the sound he wanted which he labeled “Atari”. With his new project CAMACHO, Carlos is working on releasing dance tracks and original electronic music. He is presently in production of House and Techno

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