Isaac Kenley

Chicago based visual artist Isaac Kenley is beginning his “Balance in Nature” gallery tour this summer with an exhibition at Circa Arts Gallery in his hometown of South Bend, In. USA in August. The “Balance in Nature” series are paintings on heavy watercolor paper with mixed media that Isaac did over the summer of 2016. He has been doing art since he was a child and first started to have success in junior higher where he won awards and sold large scale pieces for charity auctions.


From 2000-2007 Isaac lived and worked as a gallery apprentice in beautiful Sedona, AZ. This current series, “Balance in Nature” came from Isaac reflecting on his time there as Sedona is a city where people from all over the world come seeking healing and balance. People can support his gallery tour by purchasing a print, handbag or other item from his site by clicking here: You can also follow him on Instagram @isaacakemadae.

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