Tiahzzi Cherrelle

Atlanta Native Tiahzzi Cherrelle has been an avid fan of Techno/House Music since 1991. But being focused on the traditional career move that was embedded in every child, teen and young adult, music as an ambition was never on her mind until 2008. “Back then I would only do cover music. My biggest influence was Janet Jackson and Britney Spears.” But after discovering a Halloween CD in Oct of the same year at a grocery store, gave Tiahzzi the idea of writing her own music. “I love Halloween and Gothic themes. So I was very disappointed that the CD only had mostly dance instrumentals.” But after listening to them, the idea of writing her own lyrics to the songs became reality.


“After writing 5 songs from the CD, I found my calling!” This led to over 150 songs being written in the forms of deep house, trance, techno rock, techno jazz, ambient, gospel house, and halloween/goth. Today, two of her popular songs “Sugar and Spice” and “Hooker Red” can be found on SoundCloud @ www.Soundcloud.com/MissTia777

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