This Is Our Story – The Aron New York Commercial

“This Is Our Story” is a short advertising video for launching the brand ARON and their first product, the Grand New Yorker: the most iconic watch inspired by New York City. The film’s message is to highlight New York as the allegorical crown jewel in the ARON design universe. The 42-second commercial features vintage black and white footage from New York related documentary films and music videos. The transcript highlights the founding values of New York and the codes of the ARON company.

New York is the capital of the world and became a metaphor for the universal values of our free world.

The Statue of Liberty stands for freedom, the most important principle of democracy. New York has always been a welcoming home for hard-working immigrants and the American dream. A city of skyscrapers, symbols of infinite possibilities. New York is the city that invented self-made men and became the center of the entrepreneurial world. New York is also the home of fine journalism and the capital of the creative industry. And there’s no other city in the world where diversity is celebrated on such a large scale as in the Big Apple. The ad pays tribute to the city’s amazing music culture, the city’s complex transportation system, and its sublime cultural landmarks. The film ends with the iconic kissing scene – “make love, not war.”




Liberty is our legacy.

Hard-working is our heritage.

Infinity is our frontier.

Self-made is our tradition.

Creativity is our DNA.

Excellence is our know-how.

Diversity is our pride.

Revolution is our evolution.

This is our trademark.

Aron, New York.


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