How To Moisturize Your Face – The Cardinal Rules

Considering the amount of money spent on one’s body and skin care products, the ‘beauty cabinets’ in most of the houses must be overflowing with different kinds of cleansers, moisturizers, makeup, and creams. Sometimes such situations make you wonder if you could use that extra body moisturizer on your face. Do you think that would be a wise decision? Moisturizers, whether it’s for your face or body, helps to keep one’s skin hydrated and healthy. But using your body moisturizer for your face wouldn’t be a good idea as the facial skin is different from the skin of your body.

Difference between body skin and facial skin

The skin on your body is much thicker, especially your feet and hands compared to the skin on your face, which is soft and delicate and hence you have to treat it differently. Your hands and feet require a moisturizer that’s strong but your face doesn’t. Compared to your body your facial needs are different. Blackheads, whiteheads, and acne are usually not found on the body but on the face and skin care products have to be bought accordingly.

Difference between facial and body moisturizers

Relieving dry skin is the primary responsibility of your body moisturizers. So it contains ingredients like mineral oil and petrolatum which is heavy in nature and would clog the facial pores if applied on ones face. Facial moisturizer, on the other hand, is much lighter and gives protection against sun, acne, and wrinkles. Not all face moisturizers work well for everyone hence try a face moisturizer that suits your skin type for a while before deciding on that one. Even though both body and face moisturizers may have some common ingredients their roles are entirely different. Your skin requires the apt product for the best results.

Face moisturizers: Things to remember

Choose the right one

The presence of humectants is important in moisturizers to keep the skin hydrated. Make sure your face moisturizer has propylene glycol, glycerin or hyaluronic acid on its list of ingredients.

An effective order for applying skin care products

Start with products that are thin in consistency and move all the way up to the ones that are heaviest. Begin with serums then oils and creams. Sunscreen has to be applied last.

Stick to your skincare routine

You don’t have to change your skin care routine with the change of a season. You can try changing the product and use something that addresses the issues of a particular season like a thicker cream for your dry skin in winter.

Apply on your neck

Don’t forget to apply the face moisturizer on your neck because signs of aging are seen on one’s neck as well.

Time and quantity

The best time to apply a moisturizer is after a bath or washing your face. Freshly moist skin absorbs moisturizers faster. The quantity of moisturizer to be used depends on each person.

A little extra care to the way you use moisturizers would give you a glowing and younger looking face that’s perfectly healthy.

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