What Makeup Did They Wear in The 1920’s?

After the first world war ended, the only thing that helped women get back their confidence and feel happy again was makeup. It helped them feel livelier and make their features more prominent. Back in the 1920s, there were tons of trends and signature styles that are still loved by many makeup lovers. Keep on reading to know more about what kind of makeup was worn by women at that time.

#1 Eyes:

The eye makeup in the 1920s was worn very dark and mysteriously, as a unique mixture of goose grease, lead and soot was applied on the waterline and the lash line, and then was further smudged outwards to create a sexy, smoky eye look. The mixture was then called kohl and was loved by every woman at that time as it helped their eyes appear more prominent and bright. The lids were usually covered with gray, green, or turquoise eyeshadow to accentuate the kohl. In the 1920s. there was a trend for women to pluck out all of their eyebrows to draw thinner and higher lines, if not that, their natural eyebrows were plucked out to be painfully thin and then filled in with liner to give it the required shape. As for the mascara, which was made out of colored wax, came in a block like packaging and was then further melted to apply on the eyelashes with a stick.

#2 Lips:

The lips were the most important part of a woman’s look back in the 1920s. At that time, the most loved look for the lips were bright and bold red lips, with the very famous cupid’s bow that was formed on the upper lip with the help of a lip liner or the edge of the lipstick, also the width of the lower lip was slightly minimized. The cherry-flavored lipsticks were quite famous at this time among all the young women.

#3 Complexion:

Under the heading for complexion comes the blush and the face powder. The face powders back in the 1920s shifted to different shades as the makeup industry advanced, from pale to cream and then to ivory and finally to something similar to the natural skin hue. After Coco Chanel fell asleep when she was under the sun, she woke up with beautiful tanned skinned, which then lead to the face powders with updated hues. As for the blush, the common name for the product was known as Rouge. It came in different forms such as crèmes, powders, liquids, and papers, but after the compact was invented, it was mostly sold in powder form. The rouge was applied to the apples of the cheeks in a circular motion but was not extended to the hairline compared to how it is done today, which left a visible bright circle on the cheeks. By the year of 1925, orange rouge colors became more popular.

We hope this guide helped you understand the vintage 20s makeup better and inspired you to try it as well. Even you can try out these tricks and alter them however you want to try something new and look your best anywhere, anytime.


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