A Few Tips to Streamline Your Morning Makeup Routine

Taking the time to get ready in the morning can help you make a better impression at work or anywhere else, but sometimes you just want to use those extra minutes to sleep instead. You don’t want to be trying to apply makeup while you drive, as it can cause you to injure yourself or even cause a car crash. You also don’t want to show up late to work or show up not looking your best. If you find yourself skipping your morning beauty routine to sleep, read on. Here are a few ways that you can streamline your routine so that you can look great and still catch those extra z’s.

Get rid of any products you don’t regularly use.

Having a bunch of products cluttering your makeup area can make the whole process seem that much more daunting. The most efficient makeup routines make use of a few key products and leaves the extras out. Grab the few products that you use daily out of your stash and set those aside. Go through the remaining items and get rid of the ones you never use. Put the ones you’re not sure about aside somewhere else. Then, you can see which products you actually pull out to use over the next couple of months. Get rid of the products you end up never using.

Focus on your nighttime skincare routine.

The better your skin looks in the morning, the less makeup you will need. A great way to lessen the time you need to spend on your makeup is to invest more time in taking care of your skin at night. Using a high-quality makeup remover, face wash, toner, and moisturizer can go a long way towards helping you look healthy and fresh when you wake up. You can also use a serum with hydraulic acid overnight. Hydraulic acid traps moisture in your skin, helping it to look plump and fresh when you wake up. The makeup you do apply will glide on more easily if your skin is exfoliated and moisturized already.

Use multipurpose products.

A lip stain that doubles as a blush? A foundation that also acts as a sunscreen and moisturizer? Sign our tired selves up. Products that serve a double purpose can save you a lot of time and money while keeping you looking just as sharp as if you were using multiple items. Try to incorporate a few of these into your new routine.

Consider permanent makeup.

Permanent makeup isn’t for everyone, but if you’re someone who loves a colored lip or lined eye, but you never feel like actually applying makeup, you may want to look into it. You can get semi-permanent options that will last a few months or longer-term options, deepening on what you’re looking for.

Have a makeup bag prepacked with the essentials. 

Sometimes, you simply run out of time. If you have your essentials packed into a small makeup bag, you can simply throw it into your purse. If all else fails, you can make use of the bathroom mirror at work if you find yourself wishing you’d put on your makeup that morning.

These are just a few ways that you can streamline your morning makeup routine. Use these hacks to trim down your routine and get those extra few minutes of beauty sleep before you head off to work.

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