COA Studio to present original watch designs

Great products always start with great design. With such a mindset, COA Studios set out to offer amazing watches to the audience. Initially, the company was built around the idea of sourcing reclaimed watches and developing concentric disc systems, as an alternative to the average way to tell the time.

For the company, it was never just about the novelty, but also a way to offer people something different: a new way to recognize time! It didn’t take long before the idea of offering an original design finally settled in.

COA watches

COA watches are distinctive for their minimal aesthetics, quality materials and genuine craftsmanship. The concept of this forward-thinking design studio is rather simple; their ambition is to create high quality watches that remain affordable. COA went to great lengths to secure the best materials, and accepted no compromise in terms of build quality and aesthetics. The sheer impact of the watches’ design is so important that the company logo does not even appear on the watch face, in order to retain that timeless look (no pun intended!).

Following the success of the company’s AA Series 2, COA is back with a whole new collection of timepieces. The smart design is inspired by the rotation of the earth, as well as by the charm of a lunar eclipse. These watches are unisex and are extremely versatile. Whether you are looking for the perfect timepiece to match with your best outfit, or you are going for a casual vibe, you will feel right at home with the COA series 1 and its great looking leather wristband. Various colour options are also available, including matt black, silver, rose-gold and gold, which truly match the elegant 2-tone design of the case.


 The AA series 1 range will be available on kick-starter on 1.08.2017 and on


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