Upcoming Kharkiv Techno Musician Daniel Daraban’s Song ‘Conundrum (Original Mix)’ is the Talk of the Town

Producer and Kharkiv techno musician Daniel Daraban’s newly released song, Conundrum (Original Mix)’ captures the right essence of the contemporary scene.

Producer and music artist Daniel Daraban is presenting new standards of the contemporary scene with his interpretation of techno and rhythmic patterns. He recently released his track, Conundrum (Original Mix)’ which is deep and influential in the backdrop of the modern musical story. The can be perceived differently by different people because of the thematic riddle that it carries through its tunes. The track is emotional that undulates across the streams of human existence. The stanzas of the song represent the artist’s sentiments at that time and hence, emerges as a personal saga altogether. The various components of a man’s personality such as power, strength, tenderness, and fragility are exemplified in the song in its blended verses. According to the artist, it is a puzzle of life that everyone experiences from their own space.

The song by the Kharkiv techno musician is opening new gates in the scope of modern music. Heavy bass and compelling rhythmic arrangements rule across the flavor of the song and make it intense. The name Conundrum (Original Mix)’ also symbolizes the enigma that life is made up of but through a blended stream of music and rhythms. He has many other songs to his name that deliver his progressive musical structures such as ‘Glimmering’, ‘Hunch’, ‘Augury’, and ‘Airglow’. He is constantly boosting his skills from various influences and inspirations that will further help him build a solid foundation for his soundscape. The artist hails from Germany where he gained exposure as a DJ and introducing his audience to the pace of techno and trance.

Artist Daniel Daraban also has his own production house that helps him reach out to the larger audience stream. His music is without lyrics but he is able to connect to his audience through his tonal themes and rhythmic loops. It is inspirational and motivating allowing the audience to experience music with a meaning and an identity of its own. With techno music, he has opened the gates to innumerable opportunities and scopes that will help him capture the attention of the global audience. Listen to his immersive soundscape and follow him on Soundcloud, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and Beatport.

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