Let There Be Darkness Presents an Amazing Blend of Goth and Electronic Resonance in its Enticing Soundscape

Eminent Los Angeles based music band Let There Be Darkness creates a shadowy ambiance with their pummeling sinister rhythms and gritty vocal performances.

The genre of electronic music features various rhythmic elements taken from other musical forms. American electronic band Let There Be Darkness presents a soundscape that specializes in goth melodies. The band has been gracing audiences all over the world with their compelling melodic numbers for years. The industrial rhythmic wave incorporated with surreal instrumentation intrigue the senses of the listeners. The use of out-worldly rhythmic riffs makes them a pioneer in the goth music community. The deep and raspy vocal performances in the tracks enhance the mystic sense that the melodies exude. The dark theme of the tracks is specially designed for people looking for a gloomy resonance. The unpredictable sound and texture leave the audience breathless casting a spell over them.

The band is founded by the African-American musical maestro Charles Richburg. Armed with his 20 years of experience, the brilliant musician is bringing back the magnificent allure of goth music to the general audience. The primary theme of the band’s music is the darkness that becomes the symbol of negativity and despair. Drenched in the murky rhythmic cadence, the Los Angeles based music band Let There Be Darkness seeks to find meaning in the chaos. There is a great deal of religious symbolism used in the compositions, bringing out the sinister side of it. The idea of hell and internal suffering flawlessly executed in his soundtracks makes the audience explore and question conventional ideas. Their music is rich in genuine goth elements that stimulate the minds beyond comprehension.

Hailing from Los Angeles, the band is led by seasoned vocalist and lyricist Charles Richburg. Their music is devoted to bringing out the true picture of society that is dark and gloomy. Let There Be Darkness unleashes its unbound imagination in their music still deeply rooted in the reality. Inspired by the works of iconic bands such as Suicide Commando, Nine Inch Nails, and Velvet Acid Christ, they embed breathtakingly heavy vocals and hard-hitting industrial sounds in all of their creations. The songs ‘Myself Decay’, ‘Endless Rain’, Bleeding Black (Remastered) and Eat My Cult (Remastered) have made them quite popular in the goth scene. Follow them on SoundCloud, Spotify, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more.

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