French Director Didier Beringuer Doing Big Things Around The World With His Incredible Work

French Director Didier Beringuer on set PHOTO COURTESY OF:DIDIER BERINGUER IMDB PAGE
French Director Didier Beringuer on set

Some films and commercials (mini-masterpieces as we like to call some of them) have the ability to put a smile on your face. Not necessarily because they are full of joyful or emotionally pleasing content, but because they can float the corners of your mouth upward by virtue of their style and their grasp of the medium. Didier Beringuer is one of those gifted directors who not only understands the powerful natural concepts of great filmmaking, but he seems to be able to summon up the most beautiful cinematic images since the famed British director David Lean walked among us.

We saw several of Mr. Beringuer’s commercials, which were undoubtedly in the mini-masterpiece category and then we saw the trailer for the soon to be released feature-length documentary VIF, and we found ourselves watching it again and again. The images in both the commercials and VIF were subtle, yet almost overwhelmingly beautiful, for lack of a better word. Beringuer always knows where to set up the camera and he also knows when to move it and keep it fluid. We could use the word precise when describing his filming techniques but that wouldn’t even begin to explain his artistry in motion.

He and his films are much more than ideal or excellent; they are ethereal and down to earth at the same time, daring the viewer to make a choice and ultimately finding a middle place to settle in, which is neither one in entirety. The VIF trailer, which was about three minutes long, left us wanting more. And more and more. It evoked so many emotions in such a short amount of time that we are now including trailers, especially this one, in the mini-masterpiece category mentioned above.

VIF is the amazing documentary by Didier Beringuer, which is about the late and quite successful and very famous fashion designer Christian Audigier. He is most well known for his Ed Hardy and Von Dutch clothing brands. The last year of Christian Audigier’s is documented in the film and augmented by interviews with noted celebrities including, Sylvester stallone, Muchael Madson, Kim Kardashian West, Charles Aznavour, Daymon Johns and Snoop Dog, to name just a few. Christian Audigier suffered from a type of bone cancer and died before the film was completed. VIF is in post-production and should be coming out soon. We recommend that you watch this and anything else that Didier Beringuer is involved with. His extraordinary story telling capacity along with his limitless creativity will usher you into new visual worlds that will cause your imagination to be forever grateful.

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