Smite Game Review

The most interesting thing to note in Smite is that how it puts a unique perspective in front of you by putting the camera down behind the character. Traditionally, the camera is put behind above the character. This new scene angling contributing in a new video perspective is really a heart-touching technique. Because of its modes, the game is perfect for new players, as well as to those who have been playing the game for a while.

Modes of the Game

There are six different modes in the game. The modes are Conquest, Arena, Joust, Assault, Siege, and Match of the Day. The conquest mode features the jungle with neutral monsters. The arena is the mode in which you can fight open battles instead of fighting in the lanes. In the Assault mode, you are supposed to play randomly. Match of the Day is also very interesting mode because you can play on a variety of maps.

Origin of Characters

All the characters that are included in the game belong to seven different religions. These religions include mythological backgrounds as well. The portrayal of the characters keeping in mind the strengths and weaknesses as portrayed in the corresponding religion is so strong that you feel like you are watching a movie instead of playing a game. There are Greek gods in the game, there are Norse gods, and there are Hindu gods, all with their individual strengths and weaknesses. Find the best characters at Game Period for this game.

Third person Perspective in the Game

Map awareness is totally eliminated in the game by the introduction of third person perspective. In other traditional games, you always have the map supporting your actions and telling you about the dangers in different areas so that you choose not to go there. But, in Smite, there is no such thing as a map, and it becomes extremely difficult to identify from where the enemy is coming. Despite being contributing in the difficulty level of the game, this feature has one advantage as well. As you move, you explore more and more areas as detours which otherwise you would never do if you had a map. To purchase the shirt of this game, checkout Forward.


The presence of minions in the game is also very interesting. Apart from safeguarding you, the minions also have some comic effect, a type of comic relief. Another interesting thing is that when minions are killed in the game, everyone that is currently playing will get some points, instead of the only person getting the points who made the last hit.

The story of Smite sometimes also looks traditional because you have to explore the jungles, you have to kill the monsters, and you have to fight five-on –five battles. Above all, in Arena matches, the players are split into two teams, and there is nothing more traditional than that.

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