5 Ways to Make Your Furnace More Efficient

Every Investment we make in our household is an additional expense to manage. So, why not make it more efficient so that you do not have to cringe overtime when it is put to use.

With the extremity of weather increasing every year, we need to invest huge sums on our home furnace to keep us warm and therefore you need to pay a little more attention to its use. This is so that your energy bills do not shock you and the maintenance expenditure does not appear every now and then.

Here is a little guide to that:

  1. Keep Your Filter Clean

Every furnace comes with a filter which keeps it away from dust and debris. This is no exception to the furnace installed in your house because every space is vulnerable to this filth. Now, if these filters only get clogged with too much dust and dirt, there ducts would take extra strain in working that means more energy consumption and still poor performance. So, try to clean it yourself to keep its functioning smooth. Try this out and see the difference in your energy bills in a month.

  1. Keep the passage clean and look for any potential reason of concern

The air ducts need to be cleared not only for the filters but also of your home to keep the flow of air and heat smooth. For that you need to have clean ducts and long extended vacuum.

Also, try to keep away any sort of obstructions that might block the airflow. When your air vents are obstructed by furniture and curtains, your furnace can’t get the air it needs to work properly so try to avoid that situation.

Lastly, you need to be a little more precautious and check for any potential damages. Take one for instance, if your duct has any holes or damage the room would not be heated desirably and that means more efforts on its part causing more energy consumption. If you see any such damage, tape it if you can or look for replacement.

  1. Why you need an adjustable Thermostat

You might not be aware of one thing, that if you run the Furnace to heat at same temperature all day it uses more energy.

Does the house need to be heated at the same temperature all day?

No and that would make sense in that way also, that we not need the same level of heat all day, when we are not even at home. This would not become an issue if people would remember to set the temperature every now and then.

To have a thermostat that could be programmed differently as per the needs would solve all the problems. This way less units of energy would be consumed and there will be a sharp decline in the electricity bill as well. You would not even notice how much money you would be saving this way.

  1. It is better to have exclusive Heating System for different zones of the space

Have you ever notice that one room of your home is cooler than the other? If yes, so do you think they need same kind of heating.

Not actually, this is one way through which you can save money on energy bills. Setting different temperature for different areas of your house would let you balance the energy consumption. apart from that, the rooms that are not being used can be closed and the heating rather even heating could be done for rest of the space. This is one sure way to bring down your energy bills and put the furnace to an optimum use.

  1. Have an annual maintenance fixed for the furnace

Wouldn’t it be better to take precautions and spend on maintenance than spending chunks on repair?

Well, certainly it would be.

Have a professional called to your home, to check all the fittings and wirings and attend to the issues if any.

A professional will be able to identify problems proactively and attend to them to prevent any issues by performing necessary repairs. This will ensure the longevity of your furnace so you get the maximum of your investment.


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