A Short Guide To Selling Your Baseball Card Memorabilia

If you have built up a collection of baseball cards over the past years, then you should consider selling a few of them in case you think that they have become valuable. And if you don’t know where to begin, we list out the steps involved in valuing and selling the cards.

Identify The Cards

The first step in the selling process is to identify the details of the cards. You can know the year of the card by looking at the player stats since the stats will always. So, if the card has stats until 1967, then the card will obviously have been issued in 1968 only. All cards manufactured after 1980 are considered modern, those between 1945 and 1980 are considered vintage while cards before 1941 are considered pre-war. You should also look for the manufacturer and the copyright date. But if you find don’t find these details, no need to panic as some card manufacturers may not print this information on the card. And a good way to obtain this information is to Google the card details. You can also scan the image and do a Google image search.

Stars Of The Card

The number of star players in your card collection will play a huge rule in determining the selling price of the set. The higher the number of star players in a set, the more valued it will be. So, a set of 20 cards with 4 stars will generally be far more valuable than 100 cards with no stars. And this is why you need to correctly identify all the stars in your collection. Because if you don’t, then you might end up selling a set of superstar cards for a lower price, when in reality you could have easily sold it for a far higher price.

Condition Of The Cards

Things like sports memorabilia need to be in top notch condition if they have to be sold at the highest possible price.  If the baseball card is in a pristine condition, with no mark, wear or tear, then you can get a high price for it. In contrast, if there is even the slightest of damage like surface scuffs, creases, corner wear etc, then the value of the card can come down dramatically.

Know The Price

Grading companies like the Sports Card Guarantee (SGC), the Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA) etc award grades to cards according to various criteria. You can get the card graded so that you know the ideal price of the card. However, you will have to take on additional expenses like shipping, service fee etc. So, do this only if you think it is necessary. You can also estimate the price by visiting sites like eBay and looking at how much the similar cards are selling for.

And once you have completed the price check, you can go ahead and sell your baseball card online or offline.


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