What to Wear Golfing for the First Time – Most Useful Dressing Tips

If you’re new to golf, it can be intimidating to figure out what to wear. Dressing appropriately for golf is the recipe for a good time, which is always satisfying. The popular golfing outfit for women is khaki shorts and a polo shirt.

But I’m here to tell you that it’s no longer the norm to wear only that. Unless you want to. Even if you golf over the weekends, how many times would you repeat the same outfit?

Just like buying a women’s starter golf set, you need to think about your options. And in the golfing world, there are a few things that are not only unsuitable for you. But also prohibited in terms of appropriate clothing.

It’s time to mix things up a little. And go with outfits that look great and feel fantastic. In this article, I’ll give you a walk-through of all your options. This includes tops, bottoms, outerwear, and accessories.

What to Wear Golfing for the First Time

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I get that it’s important to look at your outfit and find the perfect match for golfing. But the most important thing you need to never forget is a golf bag. It helps you stay organized as nothing else does.

You can buy a golf bag in a different style. Something that you can easily sling over your arm. Or conveniently place in a golf cart. Always look for a golf bag first before you buy anything else. Now, moving on to the other essential takeaways on what to wear golfing for the first time.

These suggestions for the best golf attire for beginners will tell you everything you need to know.


A polo shirt for women can always be styled differently. You can go basic with a simple polo shirt of attractive color. Or were a collared polo shirt if you want to add more layers without wearing a jacket or any other outwear.

Lots of women also go for sleeveless shirts showing a bit more skin. You can wear a sleeveless shirt that shows more cleavage. Or, on the flip side, go for something that is full-sleeves. In case you’re playing in hot weather and you need proper sun protection.

It’s mandatory to wear such attire for golfing. You cannot wear strapless tops, t-shirts, halter tops, or any such fancy clothing including crop tops and swimsuits. These kinds of fashionable tops are prohibited on most golf courses.


With tops, you can get creative only with polo shirt styles. But when it comes to picking bottoms, you have more options. You can wear shorts, pants, skorts which are skirts plus shorts, and dresses.

The only rule for bottoms is that these should be the proper length. You cannot wear skirts or shorts or skorts that are too short. In case you have a very short garment, you can always wear leggings underneath.

The clothing that is prohibited on most golf courses are jeans, sweatpants, workout wear, yoga wear, or cargo bottoms.


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Outwear refers to jackets and sweaters that you can wear in windy weather. In case you want more sun protection or it’s chilly out, this is the perfect option. A sweater, sweater vest, pullover, rain jacket, or windbreaker are perfect options.

Avoid wearing bulky outwear as they will interfere with your performance. The clothing you cannot wear is denim jackets, leather jackets, and basic hoodies.


Generally, you do not want anything to interfere with your golfing. Especially when you’re golfing for the first time. You want to keep your practice as distraction-free as possible. But there is one way you can “accessorize” without it interfering.

You can wear sporty gloves or custom-made golf shoes. These are the two ways in which you can flaunt your personal and unique style. You don’t have to wear what’s already available to you for golfing. I won’t blame you if you find golfing attire boring.

If you have the time, and money, you can always customize your gloves, belt, hat, or shoes the way you like.

Final Thoughts

Tops, bottoms, accessories, outerwear, and shoes. This is what makes you look sophisticated on a golf course. It can make or break how you feel and interact with others as well.

So before beginning a golf career, know what it means to look the part.

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