Sexy High Heels

Heels are something women can never get enough of. They make the whole look so elegant and so pleasing that no number is ever enough. Whether you’re wearing a simple outfit or a gorgeous one, the heels are going to ramp up the level one more time. These are one of the best accessories one can have in their lives. Now be it with an LBD or with a dress and stockings and sexy high heels, it is always a great combo.

But there are certain norms and rules you should follow while you’re out wearing high heels. You can have long legs and heels at the same time, but the motto of high heels was to make shorter people look taller. So, down here we list down the best ones for all time:

  • Wedge Heels: If one has to have comfort while they are wearing really high heels then wedge heels are the ones to go for. Their strong base helps you from tripping and also keeps the balance for you if you are a new bee. The toe area and the heels are connected leaving no space in between and can be rocked with any great dress.


  • Stiletto Heels: These are one of those heels that would give you tremendous pain, but the style is up 10 notches the moment you wear them. The rise can go till around 8 inches which are great, but the balance is to be maintained by you. They fall under the category of sharp and long heels.


  • Ankle Strap Heels: If you are one to ask for some comfort and height at the same time, then this is for you. They have a strap that runs across your ankles which give you the much-needed support for the needed comfort and balance. These can be bought in silver high heels or in black or in pastels that you like. Can be worn with formals and party wears


  • Sandal Heels: These are like general slip-on or laced sandals. They come in the normal shape just with an addition of the heel in different kinds. This can be worn with semi formals or casual clothes. This is good for balance since has a feel like wedge heels. The best one for this category would be in purple high sandal heels.


  • Platform heels: The difference between these and other heels would be the platform that is under the front section of the feet which in turn gives comfort because of the lift that is made. Also, because of the lift, there is a balance that is created with the ground. These are best to be worn with formals, classy suits, and dresses.
  • Cone Heels: This is an exact representation of what you would think of a cone. The heels are slightly wider in the sole area and get narrow when reaching the base. They look extremely delicious in your collection, try not to grab and eat them with ice cream.
  • Cut-out Heels: These are not for any formal events generally and are meant for parties and casual evenings. They have a funky look and a cool outlook on the whole heel family. The upper portion is cut out in designs, and thus they are called cut out heels.

So, these are our top 5 picks when heels are discussed. They all belong to different categories and hence are to be paired with different clothing. But they all hold their own values and make you look very elegant when worn properly. Whether is it a party, or an event or a school farewell, dress up with these to woo everyone!

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