5 Tips for Men Traveling Alone


Some men may feel strange going on a solo-travel adventure, but there’s nothing to feel strange about. Solo travel is essential for wellbeing, for connecting with yourself and experiencing something new and challenging to escape your comfort zone. No matter your gender, traveling alone is a rewarding experience and should be tried at least once.

Here are five tips if you’re looking to travel alone for the first time.

1. Be Open and Receptive 

Traveling is a unique experience, and you want to have as many positive and friendly connections and encounters as possible. Try as you might, being a man traveling alone – especially if you look a certain way such as having a big, powerful build – can be quite intimidating for others, as unfortunately, some people might judge too openly on appearances. Counter this possible intimidation by smiling, being friendly, and being as calm and approachable as possible.

2. Pick Out the Right Nightlife 

If you’re a male solo traveler looking to explore during the evening and hit the bars and clubs, then it’s a good idea to research what’s on offer before you go. There are a variety of entertainment experiences for the solo gentleman, depending on where you travel to and what you’re looking for, like Cleos on Nile professional nightclub service.

Traveling alone doesn’t mean that you can’t still enjoy nightlife and experiencing social places, it’s just important to do your research, choose the right places which appeal to you, which are professional and – most importantly – which are safe.

3.Think About How to Store Your Belongings

Men like to travel with everything in their pockets. However, venturing to a new location and new country means that you need to be more aware of your possessions than you usually are back home, and although you might only be used to having items lose in your pocket, you might want to think about a theft-proof backpack or at the very least a small waist pack or zip-able pockets which are situated inside your jacket or coat.

You’re probably going to be carrying more on your person when you are traveling, so think wisely about how to transport your items and keep them safe.

4. Always Be Aware 

Commonly, women are thought to be more of a risk of being attacked, mugged, or targeted in any way when they are traveling alone, but men are just as at risk during their travels. Be sure to remain aware of your surroundings, don’t have your valuables on show, and make sure that your body language is confident and secure. Make eye contact with people, walk with purpose, and avoid traveling through any risky places or any routes which are far away from the public eye.

5. Don’t Be Reckless

Solo travel is the perfect excuse to try many adrenaline-fueled activities that you’ve always wanted to do. While ticking off items on your bucket list is always a plus, you should still stay safe whenever trying anything new, especially in unexplored territory such as diving or driving any machinery. Always pay attention to safety briefings, and don’t push yourself too hard with experiences you’ve never tried before.

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