How to Bilutleie København and Tour Denmark

Renting a car is one of the benefits that come in handy when you don’t have your vehicle or don’t want to depend on public transportation. Whether for business or leisure, self-driving is the best way to be the master of your own time when you are abroad.

A car is not always needed or desired in big cities like Copenhagen. Developed European countries like Denmark are putting a lot of effort into environmental changes, so you will find many zones where cars are not allowed. Besides, there are a lot of cyclists and pedestrians in the city, and parking is quite expensive.

Even if you want to go on tours outside Copenhagen, you can rely on buses or trains. They are on time, fast, and very clean. If you go to usual places or larger cities, public transport is cheaper than renting a car. Still, you will need a four-wheeler just for yourself if you want to tour off-the-beaten roads and explore Denmark’s countryside or coastline.

List of hidden tourist gems in Denmark is below:

Do Research


The cost of a car rental in Copenhagen is relatively cheap, and you can book your trip in advance for an even better rate. In addition, you are more likely to get the model of your dreams if you make a reservation ahead of time.

Most rental companies in Denmark have their branches at airports and bus and rail stations in Copenhagen. So you can book a car and pick it up in any of these offices. But before that, you must opt for the best deal. You can find it by using comparison websites.

You can book a rental vehicle in Copenhagen on a one-way basis. It comes in handy if you need a car just for a few days before your next travel to another country or you’re in a hurry. You can leave a vehicle at a specific location and not pay additional fees when dropping it off. But it’s only available in particular companies, so be well-informed before you choose this option.

Think of Vehicle Features

In Copenhagen, reputable car hires have fleets with economy vehicles, luxury sedans, vans, convertibles, and SUVs. If you stay in a city and tour it from time to time, a compact model will suit you best. Sedans and SUVs are better for daily tours and road trips. Denmark roads are of excellent quality and there’s no toll, so you’ll enjoy a hassle-free and safe ride wherever you go.

Car hire companies in Copenhagen also offer a wide variety of options for car rental. You can ask for a child seat and GPS. Extra features like Bluetooth, multimedia, and screens for backseat passengers are available. That comes in handy when you travel with kids. Follow traffic rules explained on this web source, and you’re good to go.

Find the Best Deal


Rental companies offer daily, weekly, and monthly rentals. You must know for how long you’ll need a car while in Denmark so you can set accurate pick-up and drop-off dates. Every extra day will be charged extra.

Some providers advertise cheap rates and then add extra charges once you pick up the vehicle. If you don’t want to be ripped off, you can name just one driver, get only basic insurance, use your phone navigation instead of GPS, etc.

Bring Required Documents


Before heading to Denmark, read København leiebil and get an International Driving Permit at your local DMW. It will cost you a few dollars and allow you to drive anywhere in Europe. Just in case, bring your driver’s license with you.

Also, remember to present a credit card and an ID document. The company will verify the validity of your identity and make a deposit reservation before you pick up the vehicle. If you prepaid your booking, make sure you have a voucher with you.


Car rental in Copenhagen won’t cost you a fortune, but you should always be prepared to spend some. A small amount can go a long way, but you’ll be surprised at how many discounts you can find by early booking and renting from reputable companies. So choose the best vehicle for your needs and get started exploring Denmark with a rental today.


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