Rules Grooms Should Follow on Wedding Day

It is believed that more attention is riveted to a bride at a wedding, but it is not so. The groom’s outfit is also important because newlyweds are the main heroes of the celebration. Therefore, a suit should be chosen no less carefully than a dress. Of course, men’s fashion, unlike women’s one, offers a much smaller number of styles. But designers definitely have something to offer the representative of a strong half of humanity. And it concerns not only grooms but also men who want to meet lonely ladies at a wedding.


The groom’s suit can be represented by a variety of colors, styles, and textures of fabrics. Designers turn to retro style once again: the image of “London dandy” in the trends of men’s fashion in 2018. The favorites of the year are double-breasted jackets and three-piece suits. Any combination is perfect for a classic European-style ceremony. The formality of the suit can be diluted with rich colors, fabric texture, and colored lapels. This is a great option for a celebration in the cold season or an eco-style wedding. In the choice of color, designers recommend moving away from the classic black and white colors, making a bet on the wine and bottle glass colors that are trendy this year. For a more extravagant look, you can dwell on bright colors: deep blue, turquoise, emerald, azure, or burgundy. It is not necessary to choose a jacket and trousers in one color. You can choose darker trousers and a jacket of a lighter color or vice versa. Or just wear pants and a jacket in different colors. For example, gray trousers can be combined with a dark blue jacket or a white jacket will contrast with turquoise trousers. Diverse colors are permissible within a single item of clothing, for example, lapels and jacket pockets with a different color. For fans of the classics, you can combine black and light colors; for example, beige trousers and a black jacket.


Of course, a black tuxedo is an eternal classic. But designers have expanded the palette, and you can choose any desired color. It is important to remember about the combination of shade with a shirt, vest, and tie. The rest is optional. For example, a groom dressed in all white will look very elegant despite the common belief that white is the color of a bride.

In accordance with the rules of etiquette, wear suitable trousers and vest from the same fabric as a jacket. The shirt should be gray or white. Instead of the usual belt, you can wear a wide belt. Oxfords with or without laces are appropriate shoes for such a suit. And, of course, a wedding tuxedo can’t do without accessories. In addition to cufflinks, you can wear a wristwatch to a tuxedo. This will add business elegance to the image.

Wedding vests

A wedding vest is an attribute of a suit that will add slimness and an image of solemnity. In terms of fabric and color, it is desirable to match it with a jacket. The color may coincide with the fabric of outerwear or be in tune with a shirt but not merge with it.

Cufflinks for wedding

Cufflinks are one of the few men’s accessories that complement the image of a groom at the ceremony. How to choose the cufflinks? This accessory is usually chosen for a shirt with cuffs. In addition to the overall combination with a suit, you need to pay attention to the quality of the mount, so that cufflinks don’t unbuckle at the crucial moment.


Although it is generally accepted that a bride is the “pearl” of the celebration, a groom shouldn’t remain in the shadow of her magnificence. His wedding image is no less important, and you should look harmoniously with your loved one.

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