Why are 36” Wedding Sparklers the Most Popular Choice?

Wedding sparklers are a very popular item to have at weddings these days, and no size is more used than 36” wedding sparklers. Whether you plan to use them as favors, in photos, or during your grand exit, chances are that you’re eyeing ones that are 36 inches long. Most people would assume their popularity is due to them being the longest sparklers available, and thus everyone blindly assumes they are the best. However, there are actually very valid reasons to choose 36” sparklers for your wedding which will be outlined below.

Easy to Light
Since they are so long, 36” wedding sparklers are also made much thicker to support their own weight. If they weren’t at least twice as thick as other lengths of sparklers, they would snap in half from their own mass. The benefit with having thicker sparklers is that there is much more surface area for your lighting device to touch, so they tend to ignite much faster than small sparklers.

Create Distance
Another, less obvious, perk to choosing 36” wedding sparklers is that your guests can create separation between themselves, the burning end of their sparkler, and any other obstructions that may be nearby. Most of your guests are probably smart enough to not burn themselves with a sparkler, but imagine walking down your exit line and having a sparkler burn a hole in your wedding dress! A 36” wedding sparkler can be held high above where you’re walking to prevent incidents like that from happening.

Last the Longest
As a kneejerk reaction, buying sparklers that last longer than others seems like common sense. However, since you will probably need to have several guests light their sparklers and then get into position during the reception, that extra burn time becomes a necessity. Trust me; if you are trying to get 150 people to light sparklers in a short period of time, having them last longer is a huge bonus.

Easy to Find
If you’ve ever looked at your local fireworks store, then you probably know that they carry a very limited selection of sparklers for weddings. There are plenty sparklers that are packaged in red, white, and blue boxes, but chances are that color scheme doesn’t match your wedding theme. Fortunately, there are online stores to buy 36″ wedding sparklers along with other color, shapes, and sizes of sparklers to make life a little easier for you. Just be sure to plan ahead since you’ll be ordering online; it can take up to a week for your sparklers to arrive by mail depending on where you live in the United States.

Keeping in mind that for smaller weddings 36” wedding sparklers may be a little bit of overkill, they are certainly the best choice for the vast majority of weddings. You can get away with using shorter sparklers for weddings with less than 50 people, but if your wedding will be larger than that you should opt for the 36 inchers. You can always put out a sparkler that is too long, but you have to go through the trouble of lighting a whole new stick if it’s too short; and that’s why 36” wedding sparklers are the most popular choice.

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