Five Cool Celebrity Watch Endorsements

I’ve been following the rise of an up and coming, London-based online boutique that sells luxury watches named Lord Timepieces. Noting that celebrity endorsements are a fantastic way to get your brand name out there and your products noticed, Lord Timepieces has been successful in managing to obtain three celebrity endorsers over the social network platform; Twitter. TOWIE’s Mario Falcone tweeted that he was wearing his very own Lord Timepieces watch, recommending the accessory as ‘the perfect christmas gift’. Entrepreneur Mark Wright, who won BBC’s The Apprentice back in 2014, claimed he was ‘still loving it’ after also posting a photo of his Lord Timepieces design.

The third celebrity is one of significant status in modern celeb culture; Amber Rose. See below for more information and a short list of other celebrity ambassadors who have set the bar for alternative luxury watch brands.

  1. Amber Rose for Lord Timepieces


American model, actress and fashion designer, Amber Rose, tweeted a 10% discount code for her fans and followers to use on Lord Timepieces website. Amber highlighted that the luxury watches are incredibly affordable (which they are at only £65!) and posted an image of the brands ‘Solitude tan leather’ design.

Lord Timepieces sells men’s and women’s online watches and though their designs are luxurious, the affordability is uniquely placed at the top of their specification for their awesome products.

  1. Daniel Craig for Omega


Omega is James Bond’s choice. Does it get much cooler than that? The Quantum of Solace actor, Daniel Craig, takes centre stage wearing his iconic black and white tailored suit revealing only a subtle glimpse of the dynamic designer watch. This slick rick of a wristwatch will set you back a couple thousand pounds though – so I suppose if you’re planning on never spending any money ever again, then this is the watch for you!

  1. Leonardo DiCaprio for Tag Heuer


When one of the world’s leading Hollywood stars has your merchandise wrapped around his million dollar wrists, you must be endorsing something worth breaking the bank for. Leonardo DiCaprio sports Tag Heuer in their infamous campaigns that often feature the big screens finest. Of course, in order to pay Leo’s wages you’re looking at £1,500 price tag!

  1. Charlize Theron for Dior


Charlize Theron is the epitome of striking glamour as she sits nude beneath a sleek black tux, bearing her exquisite Dior timepiece. This particular design is worth a staggering £4,600 and the other stunning pieces from the collection differ slightly in price depending on their designs. But can you really put a price on beauty?Mmm, J’adore.

  1. Victoria Azarenka for Citizen


Victoria Azarenka is a Belarussian professional tennis player who was number 1 in the world in 2012. Her fantastic form and empowering status made her the ideal ambassador for the Citizen Eco-Drive watch campaign in 2013. Citizen watches can range between £100 and £500, so the brand appeals to a broader audience depending on the designs.








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