Three New Skincare Trends to Add to Your Beauty Routine

Have you been using the same skincare routine for what seems like ages now and your results seem to have slowed and even plateaued? Are you looking to try some new products but aren’t exactly sure where to begin, and what kind of results you can even expect to get? That’s where it can be helpful to educate yourself on the latest trends in the skincare industry. Considering the skincare industry generated $17 billion worth of revenue in 2017, this is obviously a market segment with lots of options available.

Here we’ll take a look at the top three new skincare trends that are big for 2019, which you may want to include in your own beauty routine.


Arguably one of the biggest trends in the skincare industry right now is the inclusion of CBD oil into a variety of products, or as a standalone product. CBD oil, which is cannabidiol, is free of all the THC content – which is what makes a person feel “high”. What you are left with is a highly concentrated oil that has been shown to help decrease the look of fine lines and wrinkles, reduce inflammation, help to clear up acne, reduce redness, and even help to ease the look of scaring. If you have sensitive skin, CBD oil is also extremely gentle to use.

Skincare companies are well aware of the trend and are racing to take advantage of it, but consumers don’t have to look for it as an ingredient in their skin products. Instead, they can use it topically and buy it from a wholesale distributor such as US Hemp Wholesale.

Simplifying the Skincare Routine

Over the past couple of years, the 10-plus step skincare routine has become quite the trend here in the United States as people look to target the various issues their skin may have. While this can help bring about results, for many people, it has actually made their issues worse and more pronounced. All the steps can cause undue stress and irritation of the skin, which can make problems like rosacea and acne much worse. Add to the fact that a 10-step routine is time-consuming, and costly from a product point of view, people have grown disenchanted.

With that in mind, there is a new trend to watch for in 2019 and that is the simplification of the skincare routine. It’s all about looking for products that are multi-functional, gentle, and targeted for your specific concerns and issues. It’s downsizing essentially.

The Use of Clean Beauty and Skincare Products

Another big trend in the skincare industry is the rise of clean products, which are products that are derived from natural and organic sources and are free of harmful ingredients and chemicals. Not only are people choosing these products for their skincare benefits, but also as a more environmentally-friendly option.

Take Sephora as an example, which is a giant in the beauty retail space. Not only is it stocking a variety of clean products, but there is a whole separate section of the online store that consumers can visit and find only clean products that address various concerns. Even the popular in-house Sephora Collection brand is now offering clean beauty products. These products are more readily available, are becoming more affordable, and the product lines themselves are much more diversified.

Go Ahead and Shake Up Your Routine

So, whether you decide to just give one of these trends a try or you hop on board with all three, shaking up your skincare routine could be exactly what your skin is begging for at this point.

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