Fashion Turban, 1950’s style

 Most women still wore hats in the 1950s. They were small straw or felt hats with adornments of flowers or bows on them. It is still very easy and affordable to find a vintage hat on itbecomesyou shop ot Etsy .

1950s vintage dresses are very popular and still pretty easy to find in vintage clothing shops and onlineToday on our Hot Seat we have a talented  fashion designer Julia Yampolsky with us.

Tell us about yourself?

Julia Yampolsky : My name is Julia Yampolsky. I have a degree in fashion design. I have been sewing and designing since I was 12 years old. No matter what job I held, it was always fashion/sewing related – working for a designer, or as a tailor, or opening up my own sewing school. But my dream came true when I discovered

What makes your shop stand out, compared to others?

Thanks to the today’s technology I can design, execute my designs, and sell them all by myself – no bosses, no middle man, no buyers, no need to hire and fire people, work from home, and have my own schedule.

My Etsy shop “It Becomes You” allows me to live my dream. I opened it in 2013 offering just a few items – a few turbans and clutches (hand bags). I didn’t believe it would work, but surprisingly, it did! Turbans started selling.

Communicating with my customers I kept learning what colors and fabrics they prefer, what styles etc. Clutches didn’t sell, so I dropped them.

Design constantly changes and evolves. What are the most interesting changes you’ve noticed in the past few years?

Keeping in mind that trends come and go I knew that this turban trend would fade at some point. So I began adding hats, dresses, tunics, and skirts. That’s when it became serious! I needed to find fabric and trim sources, buy fabric in large quantities in bulk or wholesale. I turned my bedroom into a mini “fabric store”.

As my husband once said: “You have the most difficult business on this planet – making and selling women’s clothes online, when women can’t even try them on first.” It is true!!! And this very condition guides me in terms of styles I design – loose, not very form fitting, adjustable. Even my turbans have a stretch inner band to accommodate a lot of hair to be tucked in or no hair at all – for chemo patients.Thinking of customers,and like a customer.

What do you think about conforming to the trend of the moment?

People often ask me: “How do you know it will sell?” I never know for sure – but knowing what retail offers at this time and at what price, kind of helps me make my decision on a fabric choice and a price. I have to keep up with the trends that are not “the official trends” but are more like underground ones – like 1920s dresses and hats, 1940’s military hats, a very forgiving women’s “Lagenlook” style trend.

Also, I offer an exquisite quality of workmanship. I am a professional and I cut and sew everything by myself so I stand behind each and every item I offer. I also offer free shipping and an easy return/exchange. I wouldn’t buy myself if i couldn’t return an item bought online.
As for my future plans and/or dreams…. I like it the way it is right now. New trends will guide me.

Cnfmag : Thank you for your time 🙂
Here are some beautiful products of  itbecomesyou shop of Julia Yampolsk  :


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Black, 1950’s style, fashion turban, full turban hat


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1920’ssailors dress, linen white maxi


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