MIZYAN – Geometric Accessories and coasters

Do you love the geometric jewelry trend Geometry is sometimes the key to a cool new design, Care for some glitz to add to your collection of awesomeness? Well, look no further than Target. We have an assortment of jewelry that’s sure to make your look pop. And the best part? You can find it at an affordable price we find on Etsy at MIZYAN’s Geometric Accessories and coasters designed by Hanan Massalha With abstract influences and geometric inspirations, geometric jewellery designs are absolutely chic, trendy and with a mind of their own. All it needs is a bit of form and shape to turn an ordinary jewellery accessory into an artistic oneYou know the trick behind geometric jewellery. No matter how plain your outfit is, it will instantly give you an edgy look. This trend is so chic and easy to wear that you might find inspiration in celeb/fashion shows of Celine Dion, Donna Karan and many more divas.So what are you waiting for

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